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Last year’s Ubisoft hostage force allegedly worked for the infamous Rainbow Six cheater • Eurogamer.net

And several hoaxes have been made since then.

The hostage force that then armed police rushed to the offices of Ubisoft Montreal while dozens of employees barricaded themselves on the roof for security, was working on a notorious Rainbow Six cheater, according to a new report from the Canadian newspaper La Presse.

According to court documents obtained by La Presse, the catalyst for last year̵

7;s police response was a sneaky call from a person who claimed that five men had taken 40 employees hostage in Ubisoft – and that they would “blow everything up” if $ 2 million was demanded. ransom was not met. Employees were later safely escorted from the premises as police continued to investigate the scene, but La Presse reports that the incident did not mark the end of the malicious campaign.

In December, for example, one person claimed to have placed a bomb near the kindergarten inside Ubisoft Montreal’s offices, while another conversation in January claimed that a senior Ubisoft employee had been shot in the head after another hostage incident. In both cases, the police are said to have carried out more “discreet” checks instead of immediately launching a major operation such as the one seen in November.

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A last call to Ubisoft just a day later, the same person was to threaten to continue terrorizing the company after an attempt to pretend to be a Rainbow Six designer and gain access to the company account failed. At that time, the caller must have demanded Rainbow Six keys and the commands needed to ban people.

According to La Presse, Ubisoft and the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) believe that the person responsible for the hoaxes is the French citizen Yanni Ouahjoner – who under the names ‘Yannox keyboard’ and ‘Y4nn0XX’ has been banned from Rainbow Six more than 80 times. However, although Ouahjoner is said to have admitted to being involved in a swatting incident – and has been formally accused by French police of setting up a fake Ubisoft website to steal account information from other Rainbow Six players – he has denied involvement in hoaxes.

Ouahjonen told the newspaper (via Google translate): “I did nothing. I just cheated in their video games. The only time I called Ubisoft was to insult them to ban me [from the Rainbow Six game]”.

GamesIndustry.biz reports that an SPVM representative, when asked if Ouahjonen had been charged with anything, confirmed that the police are working to identify and arrest one or more suspects. However, La Presse claims that although the investigation is still active, it is unlikely that the police will formally accuse Ouahjonen of cheating in Quebec, given that France does not extradite the inhabitants.

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