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Last Chance: Xbox One Game Deals In Microsoft Store Weekly Sales

If you are looking for an Xbox One game deal, you do not have to search far to find it. Last week, Microsoft hit its Ultimate Game Sale, which saw significant discounts on over 700 games and add-ons between now and 30th of July (we've even collected a list of the best Xbox One games sold for under $ 10) . In addition, Microsoft operates a weekly sale, which means there is a good chance that you will find something worth buying too cheap. Click on the links above for details about Ultimate Game Sale. Below are highlights from Microsoft's weekly sales, which also end on July 30th. Remember that you need an Xbox Live Gold account to get discounts on any of the games. Update: It's now July 30th, so you have hours left to pick up these games on sale.]

Seeing As A Lot Of Xbox A game library is already discounted thanks to Ultimate Game Sales, This regular weekly sale is not as big as it usually is. Nevertheless, some worthy appointments can be found. For example, Hitman: GotY Edition is on sale for $ 30 / £ 22.50. With a sequel launch on November 1

3th, it is now a great time to buy this edition, which includes everything that came in the regular game, plus extra quests, escalation contracts, weapons, outfits and more.

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Anime fans can download Dragon Ball Xenoverse for $ 10 / £ 10 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for $ 18 / £ 15. While you're on it, would you like to check out the visually stunning Zelda-like game Okami HD while it's for sale for $ 14 / £ 11.

For a sofa-co-op game with a twist, you can get the Screen Cheat on sale for $ 5 / £ 4. There is a split screen FPS all of which are invisible. To find out where your opponents are, you have to look at their part of the screen to see what they see, just as fraudsters used to do in GoldenEye 007 days.

You'll find some more strange games on sale in Microsoft's weekly Xbox One offer below. For the full list, plus the Xbox 360 offers, go over to Major Nelson's blog.

* Requires Xbox Live Gold

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