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Last call for last remaining as its delisting is whatsoever

The Last Remnant has had a good run from its first Xbox 360 debut back in 2008. While it did not put the RPG world on fire, the game certainly has its fans, but for a short while it will be much harder to generate more. The last remaining is deducted from all digital store fonts that are effective Tuesday, September 4th, around 10:00 Pacific. If you own the game, it's yours to download forever, but if not, then it's gone.

Or, rather, it's mostly gone. The Xbox 360 got a physical release first, and it has never been particularly difficult to find a used copy box around the racks. The problem is that the PC version is easily the superior and while it also has a physical release (with Steam code included) it's long gone. Plus it does not seem likely Square-Enix will keep updates available for download for anyone who still has 360 connected and online, even if it is not confirmed. Basically, if you ever had any interest in the game, it's a good idea to either pull the trigger now or notice your calendar and keep an eye on a final last minute sale. Of course, The Last Remnant is only $ 9.99 today, so there's not much reason to wait. Anyway, once September 4 rolls around it's gone, but on the plus side, it's good to have an official two-week heads-up from a publisher, instead of a game just disappearing from the market as it's been too common lately. [1

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