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Kristen Bell’s simple skin care routine for a youthful glow at 40 years

If you follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, you may have noticed that she loves to let makeup-free skin breathe. The 40-year-old actress often gets glamor at work, but prefers to go the natural route in her daily life – and she is constantly glowing.

It all starts with a solid skincare routine. “My skin is my largest organ, and it’s something I and other people have to look at every day,” she said 29 secrets. “I want my skin to be healthy because I care a lot about my body and how it works.”

Bell explained that even though her schedule gets a little hectic, she never skips the skincare routine. That̵

7;s why she keeps it super simple. “I have worked to make it quick and easy so that nothing needs to be cut,” she said.

Here’s everything Bell has shared about her skincare routine, plus other healthy habits she prioritizes for keeping skin tone.

1. She always removes makeup before bedtime.

      The first rule? “I never go to bed with makeup,” Bell said Shape. She likes to double cleanse by first removing the day’s face with a wipe or coconut oil for particularly stubborn eye makeup. Then she uses a more thorough cleaning agent.

      She told W the magazine in 2017 that “good skin starts with” double cleansing. “Just wipe the makeup off your skin first and then use the cleanser so that it can actually work to cleanse your pores without interruption,” Bell explained.

      As for her cleanser, Bell has previously praised the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. (Worth nothing: She is an ambassador for the brand.) “I do not put strong chemicals, sulfates, parabens, petroleum or dyes on my skin, but I get the same results as everyone else,” she said. ELLE.

      2. But she skips the morning cleansing.

      Since Bell goes to bed with a squeaky skin, she avoids a new cleansing in the morning. “I believe in washing all the dirt off your face at night, and I always like clean skin, but the oils that my skin produces at night are essential to maintaining my moisture balance during the day,” she said. ELLE.

      “When I need to wake up, sometimes I just want to put a warm towel on it for a minute or two. It just feels so, so nice, ”she added. “It feels like you’re at the spa for a moment. It draws all the bloodstream to my face and kind of wakes me up. I definitely do that before I put on my make-up. ”

      Heavier moisturizers are the key to her skin type.

      “As I get older, I realize how important moisture is to my skin,” Bell said ELLE. She is a big fan of Neutrogena’s cult favorite Hydro Boost Gel Cream, a rich but light selection packed with skin-filling hyaluronic acid.

      That said, she sometimes needs heavier choices. “I have such moisture problems,” she said HelloGiggles. “I have always used cold creams because I can not use any twenty products. It is not working. ”

      Bell’s makeup artist Simone Siegl told Refineries 29 that she will go in with a moisturizing serum, like Dr. Barbara Sturms Hyaluronic Serum for a “bouncing glow”, before applying a richer cream. A favorite? The ever-popular (and expensive) La Mer moisturizer.

      “She loves the thickness and the heavier texture of it, so we really turn it on, and it works as a primer, if you will,” Siegl said. “Then we start putting on her make-up. But that base is the most important part, and honestly it is nothing more than what she does alone. Kristen takes very good care of her skin. ”

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      4. She uses facial oil if necessary.

      Because Bell has dry skin, her makeup artist said the actress will use facial oil if necessary (usually over her serum).

      “I like True Botanicals True Radiance Oil, which I found when Kristen told me she was trying to be more organic with her skincare routine,” Siegl said. Refineries 29. “It’s amazing because Kristen’s skin is dry and very light in tone, and I think that’s the most important key to keeping it dewy and youthful to add to this oil.”

      The nutritional product is infused with various botanical oils, including rosehip, grapeseed and hemp seed oils, squalane, vitamin E and algae extract to keep the skin hydrated.

      5. She pampers the skin with face masks.

      Bell told HelloGiggles she skips facial peels because the skin is sensitive, and instead uses a face mask to increase moisture.

      “We use Tata Harpers Hydrating Floral one,” said Siegl. “As Kristen has grown older, she has become a little more ingredient-conscious and prefers pure products when she can. So I use Tata Harper on her and other clients who want the most natural option. ”

      Bell also loves to use a DIY face mask: a swipe of manuka honey, she said StyleCaster, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The actor leaves the honey on for about 10 minutes, and only rinses it off with water. Sometimes she adds ingredients to increase peeling. “I’m throwing some sugar in,” she said, adding that the mask made her skin feel smooth.

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      6. Sunscreen is a must.

      “The most practical beauty ritual that gives me the best results is to use sunscreen. I think that’s why I have managed to maintain a youthful appearance, ”said Bell ELLE. “I love the sun, but it’s not my friend, so it’s probably the most practical part of my beauty routine to use sunscreen every morning.”

      The actor likes to have Neutrogena UltraSheer Face & Body Stick SPF 70 available. “I keep them in my bag because I use them again all day, either under the eyes, or when I drive and the California sun is desperately trying to give me as many liver spots as possible on my hand, I will reapply all over my hand. mine, and it is very useful, ”she said.

      Bell also told W that she likes Neutrogena’s Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 because “it has all the benefits of a mineral sunscreen, but does not work for whites.” (Mineral sunscreens are known to be less irritating to sensitive skin tones and safer to ocean coral reefs.)

      She can thank her mother for this tip: “My mother taught me that very early on [wearing sunscreen] was necessary because we were fair-skinned, and she also taught me that a complete skin care regimen including sunscreen would make my skin favored later in life. “

      7. She prioritizes sleep.

      Bell told R29 that a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference. “If I’m not sleepless, my skin looks awful,” she said. To reduce the chances of fine lines or split ends, she prefers to snooze on a silk pillowcase.

      “I always thought that sleeping on a silk pillowcase was just a bill. That is not the case, ”she said Shape. “I have fewer flight paths and split ends. It’s really good. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, and I guarantee you will notice the difference. ”

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      8. A rich diet and a lot of exercise keep the whole body in balance.

      After being vegan for five years, Bell switched to a vegetarian diet during her first pregnancy. Still, she praises the benefits of veganism. “I think being vegan is a great way to live, and it has great effects on the body,” she said Today. “I also think it has very good effects on the environment.”

      Today, Bell eats intuitively, and her daily menu still includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, egg whites, some dairy products and plant-based protein substitutes, such as pasta made from chickpeas.

      She also finds a way to keep her body moving every day, often with her children. Her biggest tip? “Just to move in some way, whether it’s taking a ride with them or running around on the bikes in the driveway with them,” she said Self. “So then my body does not feel stagnant.”

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