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Killhouse 24/7 and two new maps added to CoD: Modern Warfare

COD points have become an integral part of Call of Duty games, as they can buy some good stuff you can show off. So here’s a quick guide to tell you how much points cost, how to buy them, where to use them, and what you can get.

The gaming landscape has changed over the years with the incorporation of microtransactions and live gaming services. Many games offer extra content – with cosmetics as a big proponent of this. Call of Duty offers its own huge palette of extra goodies you can add to your game and requires COD points to do so.

So with our detailed guide today we are going to go through the basics of COD Points to help you understand them, tell you what they do and more.

cod points cold war zone 1

What is the price of COD points?

There are different amounts and packages you can choose when you buy COD points that are tailored to different needs.

Some players just need to top up their account with a few hundred points to get the latest package. While some need a large stock for the purpose of spending a lot of points. The more points you want, the bigger the discounts.

Here are the different prices for the different COD Points packages:

  • 200 COD points for $ 1.99
  • 500 COD points for $ 4.99
  • 1000 (+100 bonus) COD points for $ 9.99
  • 2,000 (+400 bonus) COD points for $ 19.99
  • 4000 (+1000 bonus) COD points for $ 39.99
  • 7,000 (+ 2500 bonus) COD points for $ 74.99
  • 10,000 (+ 3000 bonus) COD points for $ 99.99

How do I buy COD points?

cod pointing coins

You can be very flexible with how to buy COD points, as there are a few different ways to do it. To ensure that you buy them for the right platform, just double check with our guide on transferring COD points across platforms.

These are the different ways you can get COD points.

Official website

This method is for PC players only.

A quick visit to the Battle.net store will take you to the aforementioned COD Points packages, and you can choose.

PlayStation Store

This method is just for PlayStation players.

Go to PlayStation Store either on PS4, PS5 or on the official website, and you will find the same selection of COD Points packages.

You will be able to buy them with cash or PSN credit.

Xbox Microsoft Store

This method is for Xbox players only.

Go to the Microsoft Store either on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or on the official website, and you will find the same selection of COD Points packages.

You will be able to buy them with money or Xbox gift cards.


Online or select physical retailers will have large amounts of COD vouchers and gift cards you can purchase. There will be no difference between official sales and retail, as they all sell the same packages.

Where do I use my COD points?

Now that you have a nice package of COD points, where do you really go to use them? The answer is quite simple: go to the in-game store for the game you play, browse and buy.

That’s it.

What can I buy with COD points?

The Call of Duty currency is used to buy two things: Battle Pass for the current season and Bundles that contain a variety of items.

Battle Pass

cod cold war battle pass

A Battle Pass is a paid level system that allows regular players to earn dozens of extra rewards and cosmetics to actually play the game.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are currently in season two of their respective life cycles at the moment. Both titles currently run together and share the same Battle Pass.

It has 100 levels for players to smash through season 2, and if players are committed enough, they can actually earn enough COD points by leveling the pass to get the next one for free.

You can purchase Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass via a few different methods:


cod modern warfare bundles

The other main content you can buy is a wide range of packages and operator packages. These special packages vary in price, and each comes with its unique products.

The collectibles you can expect to find are phone cards, emblems, operator skins, weapon blueprints, weapon fittings and more.

For a complete look at each package in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, check out our detailed guide.

Image Credits: Activision

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