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Kickstarter suspends crowdfunding crowdfunding campaign – News

Kickstarter suspended crowdfunding campaign Anime Tube on Friday.

ANN reached out to Kickstarter, which confirmed that it had stopped the campaign and stated that the company had been “notified of possible breaches [its] rules on the accuracy of the materials represented on the project page and elsewhere. ” Kickstarter said to ANN: “All suspensions are final and cannot be reversed.” The company also stated that since Kickstarter promotion was suspended before the end date, no supporters have been charged.

Anime Tube made a statement about his Facebook page on Friday, saying: “We are aware that the campaign has been suspended. We have two days to resolve the issue, which we are actively working to resolve quickly.”


Anime Tube founder George Weller told ANN that KickstarterThe response to Anime Tube about the suspension was very non-specific and unclear. Anime Tube stated that it has asked Kickstarter for clarification, and is currently awaiting Kickstarteranswer.

Anime Tube’s Twitter account is currently disabled from press time. Weller told ANN that Anime Tube deactivated his Twitter account “due to personal attacks, false accusations, threats, slander and defamation (not based on facts) to protect family members from further mental illness. [sic]”as Weller said was” Due to a professional conversation from the industry [its] campaign and ‘scam’. ”

Weller told ANN that the campaign was “not a scam.” He added that Anime Tube had “evolved [its] new multi-platform app before the campaign started “and would” continue to develop it afterwards, whether it was or not [the] the campaign has been reinstated. Weller added: “We have been in the process of obtaining licenses, in contact with over a dozen well-known Japanese manufacturing companies to apply for licensing, but the process is slow. We work to obtain licenses in the way we believe is the right way according to our contacts in Japan. ”

Weller also referred to the US Department of Justice’s ongoing cartel review of Sonyproposed acquisition of $ 1.175 billion Crunchyroll from AT&T, and tells ANN: “There is a possible monopoly … and it is incredibly challenging for small companies to enter the market. In addition, licensing is extremely complicated, especially for international distribution. It is extremely difficult to enter in the market as a small business, but we do our best to provide what we believe is the solution to the problems of the anime market. “Weller also stated that he believes” subscription-based business models will lead to increased piracy, “and Anime Tube believes advertising for video-on-demand (AVOD) “is the best business model for the industry to stop the spread of anime piracy.”


Anime Tube launched its Kickstarter July 6, who had earned $ 101,775 of his $ 50,000 goal from 938 supporters previously Kickstarter suspended the campaign. The campaign had earned as much as US $ 110,000 at some point before the suspension.

After Kickstarter campaign launched, various industry professionals criticized the campaign and called the promises unrealistic.

At the time of launch, Kickstarter included a link to a list of titles that Anime Tube claimed were currently “under discussion” for licenses. The list contained hundreds of titles already licensed by other distributors for the US streaming market. The title list was later removed from Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign was also criticized for using images of anime titles that it has not yet licensed for promotional purposes, including Sword art online, Full metal alchemist, Attack on Titan, and Death Note. The photos were then removed from Kickstarter page.

Weller told ANN last week: “We are in discussions with Japanese anime production companies to license anime for streaming rights, and to be transparent, our intention was to let our supporters know which anime we are trying to license. We provided a list of titles we were in discussions with Japanese anime companies to license for streaming. We contacted the Japanese anime companies that produced anime to find out what we can license and who to contact. ”

Anime Tube held one earlier Kickstarter campaign in June. It raised approximately US $ 63,000 in pledges, but failed to reach its target of US $ 285,000. Currently, Kickstarter says this previous campaign “is the subject of a dispute over intangible property and is currently unavailable.”

Game Face, LLC in Austin, Texas ran the campaign. The company describes itself as “a mobile application development studio with over 10 years of mobile application development experience. We have produced over a dozen mobile applications on the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.” Game Face’s official website lists “SoundHead” as one of its previous apps.

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