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Katana Zero DLC is almost half of the original game, will still be free

Katana Zero still gets its free DLC, but the project has grown dramatically according to the developer.

In a new blog post, Katana Zero creator Askiisoft explained that the size of the DLC for the 2D action game has grown six times, with it all about half as long as the original game. This has delayed the release of DLC a bit, the blog continues to confirm that the content is locked and no longer expandable.

“The game is developing at a healthy pace, and the entire dev team is working full time on the production,” it says in the post. “DLC is no longer expanding either ̵

1; the plan is set, and now we’re focused on completing it.”

Despite the increase in scope, DLC will remain free for all Katana Zero players as originally promised. There is also a teasing of what will be included, with someone first looking at new weapons that allow the assassin to cut through enemies with a plasma blaster or return shots to them with a robotic arm. Both look like smooth additions to the fast-paced hacking and the sloping stretch of the original adventure.

Katana Zero is out on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and is as fast as it is smart. Like Hotline Miami, Katana Zero puts you in incredibly dangerous scenarios where an error kills you, and challenges you to send enemies in an intelligent way with clever attacks. Our 8/10 Katana Zero review reads: “Katana Zero is bloody and brutal, but it’s also a heartbreaking story that you should not overlook easily.”

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