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Kanto Tour Prep Guide | Pokémon GO Hub

With less than a week left until the Kanto trip on February 20, here are some last minute tips to get ready and make sure you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

Pokémon storage space

With a full 12 hours of playing time, there is a serious amount of Pokémon to catch! Give your Pokémon storage a huge boost clean out and be brutal. If you keep a live dex, make sure you only have several meta-relevant Pokémon. Transfer community shinies to Pokémon HOME or to the professor. You’ll never need 20+ shinies of a particular Pokémon (unless it’s your favorite, I see, I’ve getting shiny Turtwig!), It’s time to say goodbye to them.

If you can, take advantage of the increased distance trading this week and repeat some if you can, but you have to be brutal. If you have not maximized your bag, maybe the time for the Kanto Tour is time to go for it. I’m going to wait until the morning of the trip to maximize my bag, because otherwise I know it’s just going to fill up without me being aware.

Do you need one of each Spinda pattern? Do you need to keep the 98% Ampharos when you have the dog? Now is the time to get tough on your collection and transfer. Have you stockpiled a whole bunch of legendary Pokémon for trades? Sorry, but it’s time to let them go! There is no double transfer candy this month, so transfer them now. You do not need 20 of each legendary, keep your best teams at 6 if you have to, but make sure you go through them, you will be amazed at how many you have.

I also recommend going through yours Shadow Pokémon and clean and transfer them. I say clean first because to reach level 50 you need many platinum brands, and it is a brand you can work with passively. Pay attention to your star dust, but I do not recommend cleaning the 5000 dust Pokémon! You do not have to keep them all (unless you love them for AR), so get rid of what you do not need.

Get inspiration from Marie Kondo, does this trigger Pokémon joy? No? Retires to Professor Willow you go!

Pokémon storage

Item Prep

Balls, balls, balls, that’s all you need to care about this week. Potions and revives will soon fill up as you raid, so keep them to a minimum, keep your berries in check and focus on these balls. I realized the other day that the space on my bag was always full, and I could not figure out why … I have raided a lot lately, and I had over 700 rare candies!

Too much space takes up from my bag. I put a bunch in Noibat because I’m not going to go to 400 candies at any time to develop that sweet, and then checked into which legendary Pokémon I want to turn on and put rare candies in them as well.

Other surprising items that take up your bag can be an excess of berries, so feed them into gyms for star dust or evolution. You do not need a whole bunch of each evolutionary element, neither use them nor throw them away.

Open the maximum number of gifts each day this week will help you with your ball collection, so make sure you send out as many gifts as you can, and make sure to open the full amount each day. With the increased chance of lucky friends, prioritizing your best friends is the way to go this week, but once you’ve opened presents from people you want to try, you’re lucky, open, open, open! Make sure you reach your limit every day. If you need more friends, check in your local groups, quarrels, etc., Post on social media, fill up your friends list and get more gifts.

If you are going to use one GO Plus or similar, make sure you have plenty of Pokéballs over Great Balls, it’s coming soon through them, so use Great / Ultra Balls to catch manually, and leave Pokéballs left for GO Plus.

It’s the key to also make sure you have some incense, stars or lucky eggs you may want to use, and remember that you can stack them together now, so put them on at the beginning of the event and you do not have to worry about them running out. The exclusive spawns are incense only, so you need incense to get them!

A person holding a Pokéball

Make a shiny checklist

Before the day itself I would recommend making you one shiny checklist of what you need from the Kanto region. Go through Pokédex and write down what you are missing, you may be surprised to realize how many you need, or realize that you have the shine you have forgotten. Having a list will help you prioritize what to click on in a cluster of spawning grounds. I go to the old school and will make a paper list I can have in my pocket, instead of a note on the phone, as I do not intend to be outside the app at any time. Every single Kanto Pokémon will be available shiny, and we hope for a shiny speed similar to GO Fest (or better, we take better!), So this will be your best chance to get the shiny live Kanto dex.

Choose red or green with a partner

With two different ticket options, red and green, and exclusive Pokémon for each version, talk to your friends before choosing if you haven’t already. I’ve picked green, so my bestie Max has picked red, so we can make sure we have exclusive versions to trade with each other, so we can get all 151 Kanto Pokémon in a day. Get in touch with your local raid groups and communities and couples together, or at least make sure there is a good mix of you with each ticket version, so that day you do not panic about finding someone to shop with. Buddy up!

Also, make sure that you actually do select the ticket option before the event starts to save time!

Batteries, chargers and phones

If you live in a place where you can play legally and safely outside, make sure you have rechargeable portable battery packs and charging cables ready. It’s a long event, you need these chargers! Even if you play from home, make sure you know where the chargers are and keep an eye out for battery power. With extreme weather in much of the world, battery percentages can drop suddenly, so do not let it get too low!

Be sure you charge overnight so that the phone is ready for use and that you have plenty of it data again if you do not want WiFi all day. The last thing anyone needs is to run out of data part of the day.

Suitable clothing

We have some serious weather extremes right now, so it’s so important to make sure you’re appropriately dressed.

If it is spring / summer where you are right now, sunshade is the key! Do not burn or give yourself heat stroke, otherwise you will have a bad time. Make sure you have access to cool drinks, shady spots and wear light, airy clothes that keep you cool while protecting your skin.

If you use your hair in a section, make sure that section is also covered by sunscreen, it is easy to forget. Set timers to use again, and make sure you spend a good half hour before going out in the sun to let it sink in and work. Sunglasses and sun hats also help protect you.

If it is winter / autumn, unpack hot! Several thin layers are better than one or two thick layers, and a good waterproof coat. Sunshade is still needed in the winter, the sun can be incredibly harsh, especially when you disregard the snow. Gloves you can use the phone with, and good sturdy hiking shoes to prevent you from slipping, are also good.

Keep an eye on the weather, it’s not worth risking your health for Pokémon, so stay indoors if the weather is extreme and be safe!

Check local Covid 19 guidelines

Check yours local laws and guidelines regarding Covid 19 and make sure you protect yourself. Mask up, keep 6 meters apart, wash hands and use disinfectant whenever you can. Do not risk getting into trouble for breaking the rules, or risk spreading the virus. Guidelines may vary from city to city, state to state, country to country, so make sure you are aware of your specific local guidelines.

In the UK, for example, we are only allowed to leave our homes for important reasons or training. Training does not include meeting anyone else, and people have been fined for leaving their area to play Pokémon GO. Be safe and protect your health service and those around you.

Food and drink

Plan for snacks, lunch and drinks, as well as breaks in the bathroom. Maybe lunch time is the time you go home (if you are allowed to play outside) so you can rest, charge your phone and refuel with a decent lunch. Keep hydrated and fed and you will have a much more enjoyable day.

Last Minute Prep

If you are in the western hemisphere, we have an advantage over other parts of the world. With the likes of New Zealand, Australia and Japan starting so long before us, there will be a lot of data available on social media about the mission lines and what you need to do. It’s worth checking out our social media and websites to see what the day entails so you can plan ahead and keep your expectations in check. Follow us on Twitter!

Make sure you know that you are following a reputable, reliable source. There are probably dubious photo shops doing the rounds, so check your sources.

General tips and tricks

If you plan to really paint, you will learn ‘Fast catch‘Tricks can be a real help (although I must admit that as a leftist I can not figure it out!). There are many videos on how to do this on Youtube, so check them out here.

Another tricky tip is that once you click on a Pokémon to check it, it will turn towards you. So when you check one cluster, those you have not checked will not meet you, so this should save you time checking the same Pokémon twice.

Remember to prioritize checking an incense spawn over wild spawning, as incense spawning only lasts for a very short time with one spawning every minute and you will not want to miss the shiny check!


So far, we have no idea what to expect in terms of shiny prices, but we hope it will be something like GO Fest, if not better. We hope that the mission line will reward many Pokéballs for keeping us well stocked, and we truly hope that the mission is able to be completed right from home.

Be safe, have fun, and take care!

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