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Jou apps volg jou – hier is hoe om hulle te stop

The apps on your phone are tracking you when you go to the grocery store, when you drive to work, and when you travel to doctor's appointments.

Security experts have long expected various companies to track users through apps, but recent investigations from The New York Times and the Associated Press have shown how invasive these practices are. This week, The New York Times purchased anonymized data from a third-party vendor, de-anonymized it, and used it to show how companies track people throughout their days.

Apps location sharing features revealed intimate details about people's comings and goings, from when they went to the doctor to when they exercised. More than 1

,000 apps have location-sharing capabilities, according to a 2018 report from mobile analysis firm MightySignal, including 1,200 in the Google Android store and 200 on Apple iOS. Even apps die geen geschikte verbinding hebben tot locatie zullen automatisch de gebruikers van de locatie waarnemen en die informatie delen met andere bedrijven.

En het uitschakelen van locatie tracking niet noodzakelijkerwijs helpt. Earlier this year, an AP investigation showed that Google

                                     GOOG, -1.86%

tracks users' locations, even when they have turned off the tracking features. These revelations come as Congress grills major tech companies about their privacy policies and moves closer to creating data privacy laws.


                                     AAPL, -3.20%

and Google have started taking measures to force developers to collect less data. Android heeft onlangs zijn apps beperkt tot het verzamelen van gegevens 'a paar keer per uur', eerder dan continu, en Apple heeft bepaalde apps tegen het verzamelen van gegevens helemaal niet voorkomen. Men flere ændringer er nødvendige i corporate policy, siger David Ginsburg, vice president eller marketing at Santa Clara, Calif. cybersecurity firm Cavirin.

"With 50-plus apps on the typical phone, the average user is not able to maintain control. You can turn everything off, but is that a solution? "He said. "

Han sa at lovgivere skulle håndheve regler som ligner på California's nye privatrettslov, som tillader forbrukerne å forby selskaber om at sælge deres data two third parties. Rishi Bhargava, co-founder at Demisto, a Cupertino, Calif., Said: "This is the only path to protecting users' privacy, because it is not in the commercial interest of corporations like Google and Apple to limit data used by these apps. based provider of security technology company.

"Industries need an external impetus in the form of robust and enforceable regulations to start this journey towards security," he said. "Sadly, leaving data privacy and security up to the moral compass of individual companies is bound to fail because the short-term focus on shareholders and profit leaves not much space for security concerns."

Mens regeringerne og virksomhederne er Langzaam introduceren lasting oplossingen, consumenten hebben de middelen om zelf actie te ondernemen, zegt Mark Weinstein, een privacy expert en founder of social media platform MeWe.

"Most troubling is that you can not see the creep," he said. "The myriad of companies (and government agencies) that can and do know where you are all the time are unseen – you do not see the creep about our shoulders."

Google and Apple did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

A Google spokeswoman said in a statement to AP after its investigation on location tracking that Google may use location to improve people's experience, including: Location history, web and app activity, and through device-level location services. We provide clear descriptions of these tools, and robust controls, so people can turn them on or off, and delete their histories at any time. "

Turn off location services

Under" settings "and" privacy "on both Android and Apple, kan brugerne helt eller delvis slå off-site-tjenester eller vælge at slå dem fra for udvalgte apps. Very few apps actually require location data to function, Weinstein noted.

Even when using Google maps, for example, users do not have to keep location turned on. Du kan istedenfor indtaste de origin og destination adresser manuelt for at finde din måde uden real-time tracking.

Delete your apps

Some security experts have advocated going as far as deleting all apps from your phone. Ef þú ert ekki tilbúinn til að nota símann aðeins fyrir texta og símtöl, getur þú byrjað að eyða bara óþarfa forrit frá tækinu. If you have an app you do not use, you're essentially carrying around a tracking device for no reason, Weinstein said.

"Most about is not that marketers can know in every moment exactly where you are, where you are going, and target you, "he said. "De fleste er om at regeringer rundt om i verden også kan få tilgang til denne information om hvor du er og hvad du gør."

Når du tilføjer en ny app på din telefon, kan du få adgang til din placering, når det bliver bedt om at , Weinstein said. En annen mulighed: Apple giver brugerne mulighed for at bookmark webpages på hjemmesiden af ​​telefonen. Instead of downloading a weather app that tracks your every move, bookmark your favorite weather page to the phone's homepage itself and click on it when you'd like to check the weather, or other location-related information. Apple's built-in weather app can also be uninstalled.

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