If you’ve never been a fan of stuffing tiny, tiny speakers right into your ears just to listen to some music, you’re probably aware of alternative open-ear solutions like wired headphones or sunglasses with sound ports. We have seen many offers in that direction over the years, but they have never been particularly affordable. JLab is trying to address that angle and introduces its new JBuds Frames, with the aim of transforming your existing glasses into sound-integrated glasses.

The Open-Ear frames consist of two independent modules that are clipped to the temples of your existing glasses. Instead of using bone conduction technology, the knobs keep it simple with a down speaker that is meant to beep music to your ears without leaking sound to those nearby.

Each device has a 1

6mm driver, but you should probably not expect to be blown away by the sound quality; After all, open earphones are by nature meant to let you still hear the world around you.

JBuds Frames comes with several ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit.

These Bluetooth audio devices are IPX4 rated and can also be used independently. They also have on-board buttons that can accept / reject calls, adjust volume and even change smoothing settings. Finally, it is said that they last for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

JBuds Frames is priced at $ 50 and will be sold in early spring. At such a low price, they undercut offers like Bose Frames that cost $ 250 – now we just have to see how the sound quality will be.