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Japan sets new 319 terabits per second Internet speed record

While not as attractive as a land speed record set in the Black Rock Desert, Japan’s latest benchmark in terms of internet speed is much more impressive. The new benchmark index for 178 terabits per second it set last year when it worked with engineers in the UK, is now at lightning-fast 319 terabits per second, as originally reported by Vice.

To achieve this speed, Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) used advanced fiber optic technology in laboratory settings. The NICT system used an experimental fiber optic cable containing four cores placed in a cable approximately the size of a standard fiber optic line.

Data were then looped through coiled bits of fiber optics that created a simulated transmission distance of 1

864 miles, without any report of a deterioration in speed. With a trail established, the researchers then used a 552-channel multi-wavelength cam laser shot through multiple amplifiers to get through the history books.

How fast is 319 Tb / s theoretical? In a crucial test under optimal conditions, downloading the entire 220 GB package of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War would take 0.005552 seconds. It is worth noting that a normal solid state station could not keep up with the data transfer speeds, but it is an exciting insight into tomorrow’s internet. NICT believes that the specially developed quad-core fiber optic cable can be used with existing systems to provide a massive speed improvement.

For the time being, the technology will be used for data transfer instead of the more important task of keeping Call of Duty: Warzone immediately up to date.

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