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It takes two reviews, all points

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, March 24, 2021 15:50 GMT

It takes two reviews have landed and we have collected the points for you.

It requires two reviews have appeared before the release on March 26, and the general consensus is that it is quite good.

Hazelight Studios’ game is an adventure collaboration that follows Cody and May, a couple on the verge of divorce. In the game, they must learn to overcome the differences and work together as one.

The two humans have been turned into puppets by a magic spell, and trapped in a “fantastic world”

;, they will face unpredictability and challenges in rescuing their broken relationship.

In it, you will work together across a series of disruptive game challenges, such as managing a pair of underpants or a DJ in a club. It has connected character abilities at each new level.

Here is more:

  • Pure collaboration As an exciting adventure built just for two, players can invite a friend to play for free with Friend’s Pass, and tackle ever-changing challenges that can only be solved in pairs. Whether it’s on the couch or online sharing with a split screen, there are an abundance of opportunities to team up and become an unstoppable duo.
  • Disturbing game It’s a new ridiculous challenge to overcome around every corner, from violent vacuum cleaners to suave love gurus, gangster grains to magical snow globes – it’s never a dull moment. The game is filled with genre-bending challenges and new character abilities to master when players experience a metaphorical fusion of game and storytelling to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling like never before.
  • A universal story about relationships – Cody and May must learn to overcome the differences as they go through an adventure filled with outrageous and touching moments that put the challenge of getting together to the test. With the love book Dr. Hakim and other strange, yet loving characters who help you along the way, forces will lead to an incredible journey of cooperation.

Game releases for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC via Steam and Origin. All gamers who own the game on the latest generation consoles can upgrade the game to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S for free.

The results below are based on ten being the highest unless specified.

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