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Isabelle previews New Year’s shopping

Animal Crossing: New Horizons uses Isabelle to preview New Year’s items available with Nook Shopping. 2020 is coming to an end, and the Nintendo Switch title apparently had a successful year. When it comes to the fun of Toy Day, the company is already throwing out some special releases for the big day on the 31st. It is quite true that Isabelle would be the account that showed off the changes. After all, it was only her birthday on December 20th. So fans can look forward to a grape platter, or a nice glass of apple cider to bring in for the New Year. People were keen to get new things in their games. It’s been amazing to see how much support Nintendo has offered with free updates and special events the first year of the game. Hopefully that trend can continue until 2021


“Hello everyone! If you are looking for fun ways to call in the new year, I hear that Nook Shopping is offering all kinds of nice things from all over the world right now,” remarked her account. Get your orders ASAP! ”

Recently, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser sat down with Polygon to discuss how much of a hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been.

“‘Well beyond expectations’ is, I think, the easiest way to put it. I do not know that we expected it to really be the cultural touch point it became across the globe. And what we were happy to see is how it redefined how people thought about video games and how they incorporated them into their lives, “Bowser told the outlet.” We saw people celebrate graduation; having birthday parties; weddings, even – virtually, through the game itself. “

“And we were happy to see that we were able to give some respite in what were quite chaotic times and challenging times for people. So it is a result of many things. First of all: Developers did a fantastic job of creating a great universe, a great environment, great characters, and it was very engaging, ”he continued. “But then, of course, the timing of the release allowed a lot of people who had not even played video games, to come in and enjoy and understand not only video games, but understand Animal Crossing much longer.”

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