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Is your phone service fast enough for 4K video? Try this Android speed test.

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  • Ookla has launched Video Testing for Android.
  • This feature checks the maximum video streaming resolution your telephone network can handle, up to 4K.
  • Whether you want to stream with that resolution is another matter.

The speed test runs a series of video clips with gradually higher resolutions, including 4K. Finish and Ookla will not only tell you the maximum resolution you can use, but provide usable secondary data such as charging times, buffering percentage and recommended devices to get the most out of your connection. They are obvious suggestions – for example, 4K may be best on a TV – but potentially useful if you are unsure what to use.

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A video speed test should be completed in about a minute, Ookla said.

This video test only measures the speed of your connection, not the performance of the Android phone itself. Do not be surprised if an aging or budget phone struggles to cope, even if it supports fast mobile data or Wi-Fi. Also, just because your phone handles 4K, does not mean it is a wise idea. Xperia 1 III can burn through the battery (or your full speed data) if you insist on playing Netflix or YouTube videos in full quality.

Still, this is without a doubt a more practical speed test than most. Other tests (including Speedtest) will give you bandwidth numbers, but they will not necessarily tell you what these numbers mean in practice. Here Ookla makes it clear if you can get the quality you hoped for. If you are unable to do so, it may be time to switch operators or troubleshoot your existing provider.

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