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Is the 2019 BMW Z4 Super Sexy or a Giant Misfire?

Photo: Raphael Orlove / Jalopnik

The BMW Z4 in 2019 had the unfortunate luck with images that leak at least three times, which means that most people had already expressed their opinion about their new design direction before the car was revealed. But now it is, so does it look good, or has BMW surpassed it?

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2019 The BMW Z4 is a 340-HP Stunner

The brand new 2019 BMW Z4 Roadster has officially shown its face on this year's Monterey Car Week.

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Back in June, we took our first real glimpse of the new Z4 production with leaked patent drawings, and you commented really torn the new when real car pictures leaked out Bimmersport earlier this month. But now it's actually here, so let's take a look and review what BMW has done here.

Photo: BMW

Most people make a big deal about two things. The first is that BMW has vertically stacked the iconic BMW dual-light motif, which pushes the headlamps both louder and deeper into the hood. The other is the kidney grilles, which do not have vertical, fixed slats. Motor Trend compared the new kidneys to the Kia Stinger look, which is probably good for Kia, bad for BMW.

The concept, if you need it.

But while the car is softer, rounder The result of the concept that showed it, it is still proportional, stands out from the rest of the BMW series, and it even reflects the sporting approach that BMW claims to join. It is just outrageous that it is not yet clear whether a manual will be offered.

So all that said, I do not think it's pretty pretty and it's a bit bulgy, but I still like it still looks strange like the other Z cars, and I really like it's still orange.

Does BMW spike it?

Photo: BMW
Photo: BMW

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