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iPhone XS Max Owner claims that his expensive device caught fire and exploded in his pocket

It turns out that Apple's highest end iPhone this year not only costs a lot of money, it can potentially cost you clothes, shoes and health as well. According to a new report, a resident of Ohio, USA, Josh Hillard had his new iPhone XS Max exploded without any provocation on his part. As if that wasn't enough, the customer says Apple wasn't particularly helpful, and it has left a bitter taste in the unpleasant customer's mouth.

iPhone XS Max is also ready to cause a minor fire on the customer's leg [19659004] Hillard spent the day enjoying lunch break when he stated that a strange smell originated from his brand new iPhone XS Max which he held in his back pocket . In addition to the smell, he also felt his leg burning. The phone was barely a month old, so the incident cannot be due to battery failure.

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When Hillard went to an Apple store, he claimed that employees took their own sweet time to provide a meaningful answer. After a long wait, he was told to allow them to return the damaged phone to engineers, and in the meantime he would not be offered a replacement.

Apple failed to compensate him for his injury clothes and shoes. Disappointed, he took the phone home and called Apple Care just to tell his trial again. He also emailed them pictures of his damaged phone. Finally, he was offered a new phone, but at that time, Hillard was unhappy with Apple's response to accepting the offer.

According to Hillard, a replacement device won't do when Apple is also responsible for the damage to the clothes and shoes as well. In addition, he wants to be compensated for the cost of his wireless service that he couldn't use while negotiating with the Cupertino giant. Hillard also says he inhaled a lot of smoke during the incident and went to the doctor to have X-rays done to see if potential damage was done to the body.

Apple has not yet responded to the case, but we will soon wait for your answer. As a security reminder, do not charge your smartphone with non-certified chargers and cables. It is also cautious when you stop leaving your device in a hot car.

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