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iPhone about dike tech as it took years to create, says the rumor

Apple launched a highly hyped touchscreen display technology with the iPhone 6S in 2015.

It should be a game-changing feature, but due to a combination of poor implementation lacked app support and limited user awareness, it is not as widely accepted as it deserves to be.

It seems that Apple dies for good after many years of dullness in relatively unclearness. Read on and see why it may be time to give goodbye to this iPhone feature.

3D Touch is going goodbye?

Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis wrote in an investor note that it's "widely understood" that Apple's 3D Touch may disappear from the iPhone as early as 201

9. This means that all next year's (2019) iPhones may not have the 3D Touch feature at all.

If these rumors are true, would it be a recording from Apple that one of the flagship for iPhone, which apparently took five years to evolve, is an irreversible gimmick? Or is there a way to cut costs?

"While the lack of 3D Touch on the 6.1-inch iPhone would make sense, assuming that it's essentially a budget iPhone X, it's not clear why it can be removed from the more expensive OLED models next year," wondering Curtis. "As a somewhat hidden feature, Apple may no longer find it crucial."

Image Credit: Apple

Remember that this year's famous OLED iPhones, which still use today's iPhone X screen technology, are likely to still have 3D Touch. However, the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed earlier this year that the cheaper LCD iPhone, which was also rumored to be released this year, does not want 3D Touch.

What is 3D Touch?

If you have an iPhone 6S (or later model), you're probably familiar with 3D Touch, even if you do not use it very much.

This feature allows you to tap the screen with different amount of fingerstrokes to access more options. This is like hovering over an icon with the mouse, but better. When you start using 3D Touch, you get it.

For example, with 3D Touch, you do not need to open the message app to answer a message. Just make a long hard press on the lock screen text message even to answer. If you're in a hurry, this feature will save you, even if 3D Touch requires a little practice.

Many apps also have 3D Touch options. Facebook, for example, lets you share, upload an image / video, and post a post directly from the 3D Touch. Netflix has 3D Touch shortcuts for "Continue to see", "Trending Now" and "My List."

3D Touch is also extra useful in the Control Center. For example, you can 3D Touch the camera icon to take self-image, record videos or slogan or flashlight icon to quickly set the brightness.

3D Touch Still Has

3D Touch provides a new set of usable alternatives that many iPhone users do not even know exist. Poke around and try 3D Touching icons and buttons and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the extra options available. If you have not tried 3D Touch, it's like opening a new iPhone dimension you have not seen before!

The main problem is that unless you know that 3D Touch is actually one thing you can do with iPhone, the options remain hidden and largely unnoticed. Unfortunately, this is a waste of the cool technology, if you ask me.

Others also say that a long is print can achieve what 3D Touch can do, and there is no need for the sophisticated 3D Touch Pressure Sensors embedded in the display. But for all critics, 3D Touch has many practical applications (if you know how to get to them it's) and let's hope it will not disappear completely from future iPhones.

Perhaps a pressure for broader awareness and a better implementation of the 3D Touch is all that Apple needs in order to make it work. 2018 iPhones are set to be announced soon, and if the 6.1-inch LED model actually drops 3D Touch from its feature set, it's probably the beginning of the unfortunate death.

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