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iOS 15: What’s new with alerts

Apple in iOS 15 made some updates to alerts, improved how they look, how they are delivered to you, and the control you have over them.

General iOS 15 notification feature
This guide covers all the changes Apple has made to alerts in the iOS and iPadOS 15 updates.

New look for alerts

Alerts from apps now show larger app icons, so it’s easier to see what’s fast. When you receive a text from someone from an app like Messages, it will include their contact picture to make it easier to identify who is sending you messages.

ios 15 notification new look

This feature works with built-in Apple apps and third-party apps thanks to a notification API, so third-party apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and others will also be able to display contact photos in notifications.

Notification summary

The Alert Summary is an opt-in feature that lets you control when alerts from unimportant apps are delivered. In the Notifications section of the Settings app, tap Notification Summary to guide you through the initial installation process.

summary of ios 15

For notification summary, you can select specific times for notifications to be delivered, and decide which app notifications will be referred to the notification summary. You can only select a handful of apps or all of your apps.

Apps must be selected one by one, but the iPhone will suggest the apps that send the most alerts. You can specify that the alert summary be delivered several times per day.

alert summary 2

By default, the summaries will be set at 8.00 and 18.00, but times can be changed and more delivery times can be added. The notifications summary is also displayed on ‌iPhone‌ in a dedicated section before these times, so you never miss any of your notifications, even the unimportant ones.

Mute alerts

Apps that send alerts or messages can be temporarily muted, either for the next hour or for the entire day.

If you are part of a message thread that is particularly active but you are not participating, your ‌iPhone‌ will send you an alert suggesting to mute it so that you are not bothered.

Time-sensitive alerts

With alert summaries, alerts that are time-sensitive are still delivered immediately. So if you are waiting for food delivery, a trip or get a fraud alert from your bank, you know immediately and will not miss it in the alert summary.

Apple developed a time-sensitive notification API for developers for apps that need to send alerts as soon as possible, so starting this fall, apps will be able to use the time-sensitive notification feature.

Guidance feedback

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