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iOS 12.1.1 allows iPhone XR users to expand notifications with Haptic Touch

iPhone XR has no touch-sensitive display, so it's missing 3D Touch. Apple has introduced alternative moves for many 3D Touch features during the marketing of & # 39; Haptic Touch & # 39;. This combines a normal, long pressed gesture with haptic feedback, for example, holding spacebar to enable Keyboard Tracking Mode or by pressing the Lock Button Lock Button for a long time.

A Remarkable Neglect with the launch of iPhone XR was the lack of advice for viewing rich messages. IOS 12.1.1 beta 2 addresses this … so now it works as you expect.

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Some 3D Touch features like Peek and Pop are unlikely to come to iPhone XR because they rely on different print levels. These types of actions can not be imitated with a long press, a discrete fire-once gesture interaction.

However, it is not possible to press a notification to view the rich content and action buttons at different levels of power. It only comes up when power is detected. On iPhone XR, iOS 12.1.1 beta replaces a long press. Just press a warning banner for a long time to see more.

This is a much better shortcut than the 12.0 fallback that should push the notice to the page and then press the View button. This is available on all iOS devices, but it is rarely used because it is difficult and slow.

The only difference between Haptic Touch and 3D Touch activation is how long it takes for the system to respond. A 3D Touch device may undoubtedly respond immediately when it detects an increase in power while the system has to wait to check if the user presses long on the screen or just pause under the center of another touch action such as tapping or scrolling. [19659002] If you do not know, you'll see what it looks like when you expand on messages that have associated content stories:

What was stupid if this feature is missing on XR was that iPads are missing 3D Touch and have supported extended notifications with long pressure actions for years.

If you rock an iPhone 6 or older, Apple has unfortunately not been so generous. The long press feature is simply not available on these models.

Despite the bug fix version, iOS 12.1.1 contains a few new user features. Perhaps most especially, FaceTime now has an enhanced card interface that exposes the button button on the main screen and restores the Live Photo functionality, which was available in iOS 11, but inexplicably removed in iOS 12.0. It also gives a handful of new complications to the Apple Watch Series 4.

iOS 12.1.1 is currently developing beta. Apple has not said when it plans to make the updates for everyone, but we expect it to be pushed out before the end of the year.

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