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Inventory tracker Spiel Times reveals the best way to get one

It has been almost impossible to find a PlayStation 5.

Potential players have used all the tricks in the book to get around the violent scalping that has surrounded the next generation launch. This includes the use of applications such as Octoshop and shopping in lesser known stores. However, perhaps the safest way to get a PS5 is to use Twitter-based inventory trackers like the Spiel Times.

The Spiel Times hosts a daily stream dedicated to PlayStation 5 drops, and the people behind the account shared their tips and insights to track down a new Sony console with Reverse.

Is there a method to buy a PlayStation 5 that you consider a waste of time?

Yes. Being arrogant and verbally abusing the PS5 tracking community. It̵

7;s just a waste of time. Spreading hatred does not give you a PS5. Be calm and follow society’s tips, best practices and advice.

What is the most underrated way to get a PS5?

To be lucky. We have had cases where someone started to see our power and got a PS5 the same day. In the meantime, there are people who have been with us for over a month, and yet they still lack a PS5. So it’s timing and luck. If you think happiness often favors you, give it a try.

Darren on the Spiel Times’ tracking stream with a bit of festive cheer.Game Times

What is the cheapest way to get a PS5?

It’s all hit-or-miss. You can wait for Best Buy or Walmart to announce dates for their PS5 drops when other retailers drop by. Or you can just keep an eye on PS Direct drops, from Tuesday to Friday.

If you work during the PS Direct time frame, just follow us on Twitter and alerts will be turned on. When there’s a drop, we tweet out with the tag – [DROP]. This is how you know when to get ready for action. If you are mentally exhausted from PS5 hunting, you can take a break. Spend time with your family, do other things, and come back when you feel ready for battle.

If you have money to blow, where do you want to buy a PS5?

Spiel Times is strictly against buying from scalpers, so I’m not so sure how to respond. Even if you have the money, I would suggest that you wait for the PS5 to be readily available.

Of course, some do not have time to stay glued to the screen for 24 hours. In that case, use a reliable resale website, such as StockX. Do not fall victim to random Twitter accounts claiming to have the PS5 for sale. Always use PayPal invoices so that you can easily get your money back if something goes wrong. If you are asked for Zelle or Venmo, you can run away.

Why are you tracking PS5?

The entire Spiel Times team lives in India, where PlayStation 5 does not even have a release date. So we decided to start helping people in the US and Europe, where people have a brutal time securing one.

Many may argue, “Hey, this is just entertainment.” But from talking to hundreds of people, we realized that there is much more to it than that. Our audience includes parents, significant others, grandparents and even siblings trying to secure a PS5 for their wards. PS5 works as a great Christmas gift. It is a way to spend the holidays together, closer, for some, while for others it is a way to show their children that 2020 is not quite a bad year.

Users often send us messages after receiving the console. A few messages have made us tear up.

A message that affected the Spiel Times team.Game Times

Do you own a PS5? Does it live up to the hype?

PS5 has not yet been released in India. So no. We do not have PS5. We have importers here selling it for over $ 1300 – $ 1500, and many YouTubers have actually bought it in a similar way. But we are waiting for an official release. We do not want to break our banks.

You can follow the Spiel Times on Twitter for the latest PS5 updates.

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