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International Ticket Office – Deadline

Friday AM update: Along with domestic $ 13.2 million Thursday night and two-day value of $ 22.4 million offshore cash, Disney / Marvel’s Black Widow stands at a running global figure of $ 35.6 million. Calculations from the industry predicted that the stand-alone MCU title starring Scarlett Johansson could reach a height of $ 140 million.

Internationally, the Cate Shortland film debuted yesterday in 30 additional material markets, including Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Mexico, and took the entire total to 41 material markets so far.

To date, the areas have collapsed: Korea ($ 3.3 million), Great Britain ($ 3.1 million), France ($ 2.9 million), Australia ($ 1

.7 million), Italy ($ 1.2 million), Russia ($ 1.1 million), Mexico ($ 1 million) Hong Kong ($ 900K), Japan ($ 700K) and other territories ($ 6.5M).

‘Black Widow’ brings the box office back with a record pandemic of $ 13.2 million on Thursday night

By breaking this down for the Thursday markets that opened, Korea debuted at No. 1 with the second highest opening day of the year so far F9, which opened on a national holiday. Social points are encouraging with Naver 9.33 / CGV 96%, and the assessments are excellent. 96% of the market is open with 70% of the capacity limitations. The government announced an increase in the limit for social distancing to level 4 (highest) from 12 July.

In Australia, Natasha Romanoff debuted at No. 1 with the 3rd highest pandemic, despite a third of the country’s cinemas being closed due to Covid lock-in (New South Wales). There are also restrictions on capacity in Victoria (33% of the market) with auditoriums limited to 70% and a maximum of 300. The opening day is only -6% after F9 which opened in 100% open market.


Russia was also No. 1, easily the highest pandemic opening day and strong 80% market share. The opening day was 110% ahead Thor: Ragnarok. 98% of cinemas have a 50% capacity limit.

Black Widow was No. 1 south of the border in Mexico with ranking No. 1, and the 4th highest pandemic opening day and strong market share of 65%. 88% of cinemas are open with 60% capacity limitations.

Hong Kong opened at No. 1 with the highest non-holiday pandemic era. Early film scores above average 4 out of 5. 100% of the cinemas are open with 85% capacity limitation.

Black Widow also conquered Japan with positive media reviews and audience reaction. No late shows in 70% of the market due to Covid restriction (cinemas close at 21.00). In response to the emergence of Covid cases, the government will place Tokyo during the 4th Emergency Situation (SOE) from July 12 to August. 22. The Russian spy MCU was also top in Germany with the highest pandemic era single / opening day. 98% of the cinemas are open with an effective capacity of 30-50%.

Other cheers: Black Widow was No. 1 in Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, UAE, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina and smaller Latin American territories. She also posted the highest pandemic time in Austria, the Czech Republic, Qatar and Slovakia. In Saudi Arabia, Black Widow scored Disney’s highest opening day ever.

Anthony D’Alessandro contributed to the update on Friday AM

Disney / Marvel

Thursday update: Disney / Marvel’s long awaited Black Widow started offshore rollout on Wednesday in 11 tangible markets, including France, Italy and the UK, with an estimated estimate $ 4.9 million for the day and set new reference values ​​for pandemics. While the projections before the weekend were conservative on a $ 50 million floor, the story of Cate Shortland-oriented is ready to aim higher at the International Ticket Office.

Not included in the total above is Korea preview of $ 1.8 million yesterday. Early social sentiment there is strong (Naver 9.22 / CGV 96%), and with today’s estimated gross of $ 1.6M, cume in Korea is already $ 3.3M. Concerns about an increase in Covid cases, especially in Seoul, have led to speculation that the government may impose tough restrictions as early as tomorrow in the area, so this will be a market to look at.

IN Great Britain and despite competition from over 26 million people who watched the England vs Denmark Euro 2020 semi-final last night, Scarlett Johansson starred with $ 1.7 million and 70% market share. Start No. 1 is the highest opening day since the start of Covid and was 1% ahead Fast 9 and only 5% below Captain America: Winter Soldier. The market has 85% of the cinemas with 50% capacity limitation.

France launched at the top of the box office with the highest pandemic time
single / opening day of $ 1.6 million. This is also the biggest debut except preview page Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker in 2019. The opening day was 21% ahead Ant-Man And the Wasp (including preview) and 2% above Black panther (including preview). All cinemas in France are back in operation without capacity restrictions.

ItalyThe $ 700K launch was No. 1 with the 2nd highest pandemic opening day and 80% market share. This is 11% ahead Ant-Man 2 (which bowed on a Tuesday) and 54% over Thor: Ragnarok. There are 55% of cinemas open in the market with 50% capacity limitations.

In further debut, The Netherlands income $ 300,000 Wednesday for the top spot and best result during since Covid started. Black Widow bent over 8% Doctor Strange and 4% below Ant-Man 2. Sweden also took in $ 300K on opening day, at # 1 and good for the biggest single / opening day after Covid. The launch is 46% ahead Captain America: Winter Soldier and 33% above Ant-Man 2.

Other markets, including Belgium, Finland, Norway and Switzerland, were No. 1 launches.

Black Widow continues to roll out this weekend and will be open in all the tangible international markets by Sunday, with the exception of China, Taiwan, India, South Africa, South Africa, Uruguay and Peru. Today we see further openings in Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Mexico, among others.

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