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Instagram users can now control how much sensitive content they see

The social media platform on Tuesday launched a new tool called “Sensitive Content Control”, which gives users the ability to dial up or down the amount of potentially reprehensible content displayed in Explore, the section where the app surfaces posts from accounts users do not. t follow.

Previously, Instagram had relied on a set of recommendation guidelines to ensure that users did not see potentially outrageous or offensive content in Explore. With the new tool, users can choose to keep the default setting, which is to see a limited amount of sensitive content, or further reduce the amount of such content they display. Those over the age of 1
8 will also have the option to allow all posts that are considered sensitive.
While Instagram’s content moderation policy bans certain types of problematic content, including hate speech and harassment, this is new the “sensitive content” option relates to posts that some users may encounter, such as those of a sexual or violent nature, but which do not necessarily violate the content rules of the app.
Instagram has added a new tool to let users control the amount of sensitive content displayed on their Explore page.
“We recognize that everyone has different preferences for what they want to see in Explore, and this control will give people more choices than what they see,” parent company Instagram. Facebook (FB) said in a release.
This adjustment comes when Instagram and other social networks try to address concerns about content moderation and user well-being. Instagram has recently rolled out the ability to hide likes and the ability for users to restrict certain followers from interacting with their accounts. And Facebook is currently fighting criticism for not preventing the spread of certain other types of problematic content – namely misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines.

Users can access the new feature in the Settings menu on their Instagram profiles by going to “Account” and then to “Sensitive Content Control.”

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