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Instagram to support multiple authentication applications, verified accounts

Facebook often finds itself the goal of these days in terms of security and privacy issues on social media. However, the company's popular subsidiary, Instagram, is getting an ever-greater sense of heat among a corrugated, fake account (and follower), and propaganda floods the image exchange program.

Instagram revealed a new three-tier plan on Tuesday that the social media brand says that will improve the security over the platform for its more than one billion users worldwide and count.

"We know we have more work to do to keep bad actors of Instagram and we are committed to continuing to build more tools to do just that," wrote Instagram founder and chief engineer Mike Krieger in a blog post on Tuesday.

The plan's first two points turn around giving much more important information up front of the users. [1

9659002] Firstly, account profiles will be updated to show the date the account is linked to Instagram, the country where the account is located, accounts with shared followers, any username changes in the last year, and any ads account is currently runni ng. Accounts with significant consequences will be able to review their account information from September. All this will be filed under a section called "About This Account", which will roll out publicly in the fall.

"Our society has told us it's important for them to get a deeper understanding of accounts that come to many people at Instagram, especially when these accounts share information related to current events, political or social reasons," explains Krieger. 19659006] Like the date when the user joined Instagram, the social update app's latest updates claim another Twitter influence: several blue confirmed brands next to the user handles.

The second part of the plan includes increasing the number of verified accounts for public figures, celebrities and global brands. In order to access the confirmation request form, searchers lead to profiles, touch the menu icon, select "Settings" at the bottom and then select "Request Verification." Along with the account username, applicants must provide full real name and a copy

Finally, the heavy security comes in the form of more two-factor authentication support with multiple options for third-party authentication applications, such as DUO Mobile and Google Authenticator, to log in to Instagram. [19659004] Tofactor Authentication has become a standard cyber security lifestyle in recent years, available (and usually required by IT departments) for everything from WordPress to Google Apps. In a day and age when any Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram profile can be targeted by hackers, increased personal account security is a must. For an informative but quick guide to two-factor authentication, or "2FA", check out Fortune s online explainer and video.)

Third Party Authentication Support will be available in the coming weeks.

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