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In iOS 14.5, you can set Spotify and others as Siri’s default music service

iOS 14.5 looks like it will be packed with features, including the ability to use the Apple Watch to unlock an iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask and support for the next generation of console controls. But users who have already installed the beta discovered another great feature: you will be able to choose a third-party standard music service when you request to play a song using Siri – including Spotify (via MacRumors).

When you ask Siri to play a song on iOS 14.5, you may be asked to choose which app you want to use to play it, according to a screenshot shared on Reddit.

The menu for selecting an app.
Photo: u / matejamm1 on Reddit

I’m on iOS 14.5 beta, but interestingly, the feature worked a little differently for me. I asked Siri to play some Tame Impala, and I did not get a list of apps to choose from, as in the screenshot above. Instead, I was prompted to request access to my Spotify data, which I allowed. After that, requests for songs went through Spotify without any instructions.

Other users on Reddit have also reported some differences in the feature’s behavior, so there may still be some kinks for Apple to iron out before iOS 14.5’s official release. Because this feature is still in beta, there is always a chance that it can be changed or removed before iOS 14.5 comes out.

The ability to set a default music app follows Apple’s Welcome Move to let users set default email or browser clients starting with iOS 14. You can set default email or browser apps in the settings, but I did not find a default music app. in the settings. Maybe Apple will add it to the line. Having the ability to set a default music player for Siri requests in this beta is still a nice step forward. Here, Apple hopes to allow users to set more default settings in future updates.

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