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I’m Ditching 30 Hours Of PS5 ‘Outriders’ Demo Progress For Xbox Series X

We are only a few days away from the launch of Outriders on all platforms, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia, and we have a unique situation where everything you have done in the demo so far leads to the final release.

This means that you can have four classes up to level 7 with “maxed”

; blue gear building, piles of resources and legends that can at least get their matures taken into the playoffs, potentially, despite the fact that you are low level drop.

I did a really absurd amount of breeding a few weeks back on PS5, breastfeeding before they got nerfed, and I killed one captain so many times his great great-grandchildren will have a grudge against me.

And yet, I’ve called to leave everything working, and switch to Outriders on Xbox Series X for the actual release, even though I’m starting from scratch.

Why? A number of reasons. I made a video about this already, but it mainly has to do with basic annoyances about the PS5 that make me want to migrate to the Xbox where I can, and that includes most third-party releases.

In this specific case we have:

1. Game Pass – Although I may end up with a pass code for Outriders, the game launches on Xbox Game Pass one day, which is obviously a big reason for many consumers to choose that version over another, if they are already signed up . Outriders costs $ 60 on PlayStation (not fortunately $ 70 like some newer games), but on Game Pass it can feel “free” if you already have a sub.

2. All the little annoyances of the PS5 have overwhelmed me. Poor user interface and mapping of the home button. Whatever they have done to destroy friends and the party system. The fact that Outriders (and other games) will still have “copy” phases when patched (which will often be the case). Anytime games try to use adaptive triggers. Poor battery life on the controller. The list will be long.

3. Small, non-Game Pass benefits with the added Xbox, such as Quick Resume and Smart Delivery (the latter does not apply to Outriders, given that it is already out for new generations, but it does for other games from Avengers to Cyberpunk) . And a user interface I do not hate. And I could preload the Outriders a week early there.

4. Cross play. In this case, I do not lose access to my friends who will be playing on PlayStation because Outriders is launched with cross games on the first day.

5. Am I really losing that much? Honestly, 30 hours sounds like a lot to give up, but it was mostly agriculture with terribly low world level 5 fall rates, so there was a lot of air. I just ended up with two legendary weapons, and I mean, two weeks into the game, how many should I have then? The actual content of the demo is like two actual quests and three side quests, so there’s really not much to do again, plus you will run quests to create them anyway, so much is clear. I do not mind an empty slate even though it puts me a few hours “behind” in the beginning here.

Again, I do not throw away my PS5. I still play all the exclusives I need to play there, I still play Destiny 2 there (when cross games are activated, we’ll look at this again), but for third party games like Outriders and others, I’m moving to the Xbox this generation. Sony did not try hard enough to keep my loyalty this time, break what was not broken and not fix clear problems from the previous generation.

My video about this:

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