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If Bandai Namco gets more characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC, who can we see?

Although Pac-Man is an iconic mascot, it is much more accessible from Bandai Namco that fans would certainly want

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC comes up, I've taken it with myself to launch this new story series that analyzes every third party company that is currently present with playable characters in Super Smash Bros.

We take a quick look at what characters they currently have in the game, how long they have been in the series, and other interesting differences on a business-to-business basis.

Then it is time to review what other major franchises they have available that can be a great form of Super Smash Bros., or just fit the criteria of being important to game history or specific genres.

Currently, there are five third party companies that have playable representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we'll see them one by one.

Bandai Namco has been the most loyal ally of Nintendo in terms of Super Smash Bros. development, but we have been told that they do not receive any special treatment. Maybe it's time for another sign from the company, though …

With that, let's dive right in and look at what more Bandai Namco has to offer the Super Smash Bros. series.

Although Pac-Mensen does not make any particular difference to him as a third-party character, besides adding the first Bandai Namco character, this company has a deeper connection with the Super Smash Bros. series beyond that.

It's been no secret that Bandai Namco began assisting Nintendo with development for Super Smash Bros. 4, and this has continued with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It has been said that Bandai Namco will not receive any special treatment simply because of the close collaboration operation between the two companies, which we obviously see as Sega, Capcom and Konami overtake them all in Super Smash Bros . content, but it's hard to ignore that Bandai Namco has quite a few remarkable franchises that would be suitable for Smash.

With the winds appearing to blow in the direction of third-party additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC, it would be difficult to imagine that the Bandai Namco characters have not been on Nintendo's mind when they have worked together in such close quarters, and for such a time already.

We have heard it many times from the series producer Katsuhiro Harada himself – if you do not count Super Smash Bros., Tekken is the biggest selling game franchise on the market.

Although Street Fighter 2 holds more clothes in many areas of the world, there are places like Sweden, where I live and grew up, where the fighting game that everyone was talking about, which was referred to without stopping in popular culture, was actually Tekken 3.

Tekken has a historical history and has been strong even through the so-called dark age of fighting games where most developers no longer focused on the genre anymore.

As mentioned earlier, Bandai Namco also has an extra in since they are actively working on Nintendo on Super Smash Bros. development, which means that Tekken is unlikely to have ever crossed the development team's minds, as it is Bandai Namco's largest and most successful video game series, which even tells Pac-Man a as far as sales go, even though Pac-Man was obviously more of an arcade company.

The only thing that is a bit muddy as far as Tekken goes is that it is unlike other fighting franchises, it is no constant protagonist. The most consistently recognizable character is probably Heihachi Mishima, who is often an antagonist, but the only problem with him is that his actor Unshō Ishizuka recently walked away, and they might avoid using the character out of respect, instead of replacing his voice (once – his former voice actor Daisuke Gōri died in 2010).

If you don't add Heihachi, the most obvious choices seem to be either Jin or Kazuya, possibly also using their Devil Forms that fits perfectly in Smash.

The thing about it is that everyone has been waiting for a Tekken character as an inevitable inclusion ever since it became known that Bandai Namco collaborated with Nintendo on Smash, and even Moreso after Street Fighter's Ryu made his debut. under Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC wave, but all we've seen from Tekken is a Mii Heihachi suit back in Super Smash Bros. 4, and even with the abundance of Sp Irits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken is nowhere to be seen or referenced at all.

It is difficult to say what this can mean for Tekkens chances. It is possible that they already considered Tekken as a potential DLC candidate and decided not to include anything in the main game because of this, or it may be that they simply do not think about Tekken as interfering well with Smash. I guess the time will tell.

Although not nearly as big as Square-Enix's huge RPG series, the Tales franchise from Bandai Namco holds itself as one of the largest Japanese RPG series in the world.

We have also seen reference to the series lately, like Tekken, when Tales of Symphonia's main character Lloyd Irving got a Mii suit in Super Smash Bros. 4, although this Mii suit is also absent in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which must not mean anything – Virtua Fighter costumes are also away from Ultimate despite being in 4, even with the addition of an Assist Trophy from the series).

The Tales franchise originally started with the Tales of Phantasia at SNES, and has had many games released for Nintendo consoles since then, with one of the most notable games in the series, the Tales of Symphonia was originally a Nintendo GameCube exclusive game. (A PlayStation 2 version was later released but only in Japan).

Like m OST JRPGs, the Tales games have a new game for most games, and often have brand new worlds, so it's difficult to point to specific characters like the main character of the whole series, but Sakurai added Lloyd Irving Mii- The suit in Super Smash Bros .4 Reasoning "could there really be anyone else?", so if Tales were to get Smash representation, it is hard to imagine that there are anyone other than Lloyd from the Tales of Symphonia.

What makes Tales seem like a pretty dubious bet, but it's that we already have Final Fantasy in the game since before, and Persona is set to be the first DLC. On top of that, I'm talking about another JRPG series from Square-Enix in the next article, which is much larger than Tales, and it's hard to imagine that they are awarding three out of five DLC slots to just one genre.

Tales is a big series, part of Bandai Namco and certainly has some kind of shot, but in this case it feels like its genre can hold it back. Then again, Smash has been quite easy on RPG characters (not counting strategy RPGs as Fire Emblem, which is a completely different genre to most), so maybe we're going to see a wave of them blast with this DLC.

Soul Calibur, or just Soul, franchise has been a staple of Bandai Namco since it came together, and it is one of their most popular and enduring franchises, even though it had a bit of a fall for a few years before we saw their revitalization through Soul Calibur 6 this year.

While maintaining popularity all over the world, the fact is that the case is simply not as big or popular as Tekken and it is from the same developer.

If Nintendo wants to add a 3D combat character to the Super Smash Bros. list, it's just very hard to imagine why they would choose Soul Calibur over the Tekken, as well as Namco Bandai himself.

It doesn't really help that the large spectrum of features available is part of both series either. Limiting an expansive feature set down to the more novice Smash system can prove to be a challenge challenge, but Soul Calibur doesn't make it easier than this, compared to Tekken, as it has plenty of features available to all characters.

Another point against it may be that it is more medieval theme while Tekken is current and modern, which actually makes Tekken stand out in the Super Smash Bros. roster, which already has several medieval fighters, especially from Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem franchises.

It feels as if Soul Calibur would have a pretty good shot if it was from any other developer, but because it is from the same people who make Tekken, it's hard to imagine why it would ever be included. At the same time, no other possible Bandai Namco franchise, as well as the already listed Tekken and Tales, is almost as big as Soul Calibur.

If they decided to add Soul Calibur to Smash, I can't quite put who would be best suited as a character either. Anyone who has been in the majority of the games would be a solid choice, but it is difficult to distinguish who would be most suitable when looking at the spread of Siegfried, Sophitia, Mitsurugi, Taki and Cervantes, as they are about as important

In short, Soul Calibur is hard to sell for this round of DLC, but if Tekken is added then Soul Calibur will suddenly start to look like a much more viable option to add.

First, I thought Dark Souls seemed like a good fit for Bandai Namco, but it turned out after closer research that they are just distributors and don't really own the intellectual property, making it a similar situation to Nintendo with Bayonetta.

That does not mean that Dark Souls is out of service for Smash DLC of course, but they are not part of Bandai Namco and thus not very relevant to picking out as a choice in this particular piece. [19659005] Are there any other Bandai Namco franchises you want to be part of the Super Smash Bros. family? Do you disagree with some of my thoughts? Please let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading this story, and hopefully you liked it. Look forward to the other four sections of this series of articles released in the coming days.

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