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I love Android 12’s new wallpaper idea

An early suspected leak of Android 1

2 showed an idea we all hoped we did not portray. We thought we’d see Google test a background-based theme engine that stylized parts of the Android system interface by subtracting colors from the background of the home screen. As it turns out, Google is actually working on such a feature, and the first look at it is here.

Discovered by developer @ kdrag0n, we can see more examples of how Google will use wallpapers to customize the color of certain areas of the system in Android 12. Internally called “monet” and only available behind the scenes in Android 12 Developer Preview 1, the screenshots show how a wallpaper will affect the alert shadow and its various elements, as well as the hue of the entire Android settings menu.

In this first example, a green background image is used on the (new) lock screen, which then tones alerts to a greenish color. Swiping down the notification area also shows a green frosted background, a green color change in the quick setting titles and a green brightness at the top.

Android 12 Wallpaper Theme Monet

For more examples, @ kdrag0n showed several wallpapers and the alert shadow that comes with Google’s new idea for a system theme. Below you have themes that draw both blue and purple as accent or highlight color.

Finally, here is the change we should see when we are in an area like Settings. The main settings page may look like the “Silky Home” interface we showed you how to activate last week, but when you dive into specific sections, the background of each will change depending on the color the system has taken from the background. Below are a handful of examples of how Google plans to overshadow the setting areas and even change the sliders.

Android 12 Wallpaper Theme (Monet)

Where we have not seen this go yet, it is in Google to do all this one last notch in that the system also changes icon colors to match based on the background. The first Android 12 leak showed just that, but we probably need an update to app icons or for Google to reveal their plans there before it can happen.

Either way, Android 12 has a number of great ideas for making the theme a beautiful experience that is unique to each user. I can not wait until they let us all activate this and start playing.

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