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Hullbreacher Banned in Commander – Hipsters of the Coast: Hipsters of the Coast

The Commander Rules Committee has banned Hullbreacher from Magic: the Gathering’s Commander format.

Hullbreacher has been a problem card since its release [last year], “So they. “Its seemingly defensive use against extra card drawing has been dwarfed by offensively combining it with mass-drawing effects to easily strip the player’s hands while accelerating the controller. That game pattern is not something we want widespread in informal play (see the Leovold ban), and we have seen a lot of evidence that it is too tempting even there, since it is combined with wheels and other popular informal pins.

“The case against the card was overwhelming,”

; they concluded.

Holebreacher was released as part of Commander Legends at the end of 2020. Its main ability prevents other players from drawing more than one card per turn, which, combined with cards such as Wheel of Fortune or Timetwister, allows the controller to draw seven new cards while forcing his opponents to discard the entire his hand.

Hullbreacher, however, was not the first card that saw games in Commander that could be combined with so-called “wheel” effects in such a way. While Leovold, Trest’s envoy had previously been banned, both Notion Thief and Narset, Parter of Veils will continue to be legal in the future.

“The extra powers required (an extra color pipe for Notion Thief and the magic speed for Narset) seem to keep them at the right level of play,” said the Rules Committee, “although we will continue to keep an eye on them. ”

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