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How to win passive passive in Deltarune

  Deltarune Passive Combat

A new game from the developer of Signal has just launched and users can play the game passively. This was a great feature of Understanding, and it is clear from the start that Deltarune has not left this concept. You will unlock the battle system just under an hour in the game.

When you enter battle you get the opportunity to attack, act, care, reserve and defend in that order. The first is your basic attack, but we will not use this much in a passive race. Instead, you will beat Act as Kris to get up your own menu. From here you can check your enemy – which means that Kris will investigate them and you can decide how to go about saving them.

Your goal is to either make the enemy name blue or yellow. If they are blue you can use Ralsei to pacify them through their magic. But if you make their name yellow, just tap Save on either Kris or another party member to save that enemy. This will make them escape from the game without hurting.

In order to actually make its name yellow, use the Kris Act to convince them to give up. It is different for each enemy, so it will take some time to learn the weakness of each opponent. But if you have more enemies of the same type, the Crisis Act will affect them all.

If you see an enemy's name in the blue, just use Ralsei's Pacify Magic to make them fall asleep. This is done by attacking the enemy and weakening them, but this can be risky if you do not know how strong an enemy is. The last thing you want to do is by accident to murder one in an attempt to weaken it. When you see their name, go blowjob attacks otherwise you can kill them.

Make sure passive matches can pull out the fight, so be sure to get healing items. You still have to escape attacks and so if you have nothing to do with a party member, just have them use defense. Remember that you do not have to play Deltarune passively and if you really want, you can only beat enemies.

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