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How to use a Kindle – Kindle tips and tricks from an expert

Buy ebooks from the Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon has millions of e-books in its store, so the odds are, you find what you're looking for. To get started, make sure you are connected to the internet and click on the small shop icon at the top of your Kindle. There you can browse all categories, genres, offers, recommendations and more.

When you find a title you want, click on it to see the price. If you're ok with the price tag, just click the Buy for the $ X.XX button. Your ebook will download and you will be set to read it.

You can also click Try a sample so you can read the first chapter or so before you decide to buy it.

If you are not ready to buy but want to remember the title, click Add to List and it will pop the e-book on your buddy list. You can view your friends list by clicking on the three menu items in the upper left corner of the dice and selecting My Reading Lists . There you will see some samples you have downloaded and your wish list.

If you want to get e-books on your Kindle that you previously downloaded on your computer or phone, make sure you are connected to the Internet by turning off Flight mode press Gear and then click Sync My Kindle . Your new titles should start downloading.

The Kindle store also has a section offer where you can see all discounted ebook deals currently on offer. You will be surprised at how many good titles go on sale. To be notified of ebook sales, you should sign up for BookBub, which we explain further down this page.

If you find yourself spending more than $ 1

0 a month on eBooks, you'll see a Kindle Unlimited subscription (as described below) to access as many of the millions as you can read for a month.

Join Kindle Unlimited for $ 9.99 per month

Kindle Unlimited lets you read as many of the millions as you want for $ 9.99 a month. The selection includes audio books and the latest editions of popular magazines. You can have up to 10 Kindle Unlimited titles in your library at a time before you need to delete any. 30-day free trial lets you try it before you buy it.

Kindle Unlimited e-books are easy to see in the store because they have the words Kindle Unlimited next to the entry. If you have Kindle Unlimited, when you click on the ebook, it gives you the opportunity to read for free with Kindle Unlimited . If you do not have it yet, you will see the purchase price in a box and the opportunity to get Kindle Unlimited in the other.

You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited in the store by clicking on Kindle Unlimited and starting the 30-day free trial.

Subscribe to e-mail discounts from BookBub

BookBub is a free service that sends you a daily e-mail and discount email. Just type in your email address, confirm that you are, choose the types of ebook deals you want to know about, choose Amazon Kindle as the e-store store you use, and follow some of your favorite authors.

From there you get special offers notifications on e-books you will love. Often you can get books for free or for as little as $ 1.99 or $ 2.99. In the email, just click on the link and you will be sent to the Amazon store on your phone, tablet or computer. Click the buy button and your ebook will be sent directly to the Kindle when connected to Wi-Fi. You can read our full review of BookBub for more details.

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