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How to unlock the Warzone Serac drawing CX-9 SMG

The Warzone Serac SMG drawing has arrived, but the method of how to unlock this CX-9 drawing at the moment is confusing – blueprint, soap opera package or SMG challenges seem to be possible options, but realistically the most important thing you need is patience and good luck Call of Duty Warzone. One thing is clear from the videos of people who have found the gun is that Warzone Serac strips – this CX-9 has an incredible four-rate and seems to melt enemies unlucky enough to fall under sight.

That obviously makes it a very desirable gun, so let’s take a look at how to get the Warzone Serac drawing and unlock the CX-9.

Find the Warzone Serac CX-9 drawing in the game

Call of Duty Warzone

(Image credit: Activision)

The current method people use to get Warzone Serac CX-9 is like a drawing from a box while in a fight. The advantages are that this is definitely possible right now, as it is the main reason why people have discovered the gun in season 2. The disadvantages are that you obviously have to open many boxes and cross your fingers. It does not seem like an impossible drop to judge by the number of people who have found one, but if you wait for it every second you play, things can move on.

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