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How to unlock Black Ops 4 Zombies characters in Blackout

Black Ops 4 Zombies fans may have a chance to dive into Blackout now that the characters have been released for the game's battle royal mode.

Just going for victory in Blackout is not all that players can do as Treyarch has included challenge sets that lock up special characters to be used in mode.

The multiplayer mode specialists were the first to be included, but now the Zombies characters have been added alongside the massive 6th of November update, giving players even more to unlock.

Unlike the specialist challenges, none of these require players to complete the game in a particular location, which gives the impression that they may be easier.

All these challenges concern zombies and the brand new Blightfather boss found in the cemetery section of the map but that players may risk being killed by both zombies or enemy players to acquire the necessary elements. 1

9659003] You will find all the requirements for each character below.


Unlocking Scarlett requires to find the Racing Goggles & Scarf element by killing and bothering a zombie or blightfather in the cemetery.

Once the item has been purchased, you must find a vehicle and kill a player with that vehicle before completing the match with the Racing Goggles & Scarf in your inventory.


Acquisition of Diego is probably the simplest of all these character challenges as it involves a simple act that most players make each fight.

You must first find the comic by killing a zombie or blightfather and looting his body.

When you first have the item in hand, you only need to get a single head shot


This is where the challenges begin to get a bit tougher, as Shaw is one of the hardest in the game to acquire.

For this challenge, not only do you do the Alchemy Set element that comes from zombies and blightfather, but you must collect Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb pieces of equipment that can also be found by blundering by Blightfather.

When you have all that, you must kill two enemies with Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb, and then complete the match with Alchemy Set in your warehouse, and Shaw will be unlocked in the end.


Unlocking the French gangster Bruno will obviously require the players to really get their hands dirty.

When you have collected items from Mug Shot from either a supply drop or Blightfather, you must kill someone with a melee attack (Clean Up does not kill count!) And then quit games with the poster in your warehouse to unlock the grade.

For this we recommend finding Brawler Perk since it is important to somehow pick up a melee kill outside the early game when no one has weapons. [19659022] For in-depth guides on everything in Black Ops 4's multiplayer and blackout modes, visit our comprehensive guide here.

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