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How to start and complete Dead Man’s Tale Presage Quest

Okay, well, I certainly did not expect to spend the last two hours doing an elaborate exotic quest in Week 2 of Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen, but here we are. The Dead Man’s Tale quest is live, farm and ready to chase a new exotic Tex Mechanica scout rifle.

I will make an overview guide as best I can, but some parts will be skipped because I can not literally make every single room here. But there are some parts where you can get stuck, and you also need to find the mission right away.

Step 1

. Find Presage Exotic Quest

You do this by uploading the Arms Dealer strike, which is in Nightfall, but can be done if you start it from the director to. Kill everything in the first room, and a door on the right opens. Go through it, fight a bunch of towers and a Phalanx boss, and then retrieve the specified emergency coordinates.

Step 2: Start Quest

Talk to Zavala who will send you on a mission in the Tangled Shore on an abandoned Calus ship floating near the reef. You can start it from the director. You can drive it alone or with a team. I think it is feasible solo as it is mostly about solving puzzles and less about constant battle and the boss battle. Although the boss would be a bit tough solo.

Step 3: The Presage Quest

This is a very, very long mission the first time you run it. So I try to turn on all the hard parts.

You can not open the front door at first. You have to jump around the page on the left on some platforms that I definitely did not die on.

You will be introduced to the central mechanic of this mission, traces. Spores allow you to get through weird Darkness doors that would otherwise kill you. Let your team stand close to the tracks and shoot them when they are blue. This will give you a buff that allows you to pass through the doors.

In general, look for switches to open doors, and fuses to fire to open doors or disable barriers.

It is a segment that makes you fall into a garbage compactor with Screebs, you have to shoot all the gratings on the floor until you find one with a fuse, and shoot it to stop the compactor.

There’s a hatch that will send you some room back at some point, and I’m not telling you where it is because it’s funny.

It is a segment that involves a maze of tunnels. Once you’ve found the door that leads to the main room you originally came from, that’s the end of that part. Look for a newly opened door to the left of the main screen area, and use spurs to get through.

Step 4: The boss

A whole bunch of track puzzle rooms later, you’ll meet the final boss. He’s a giant Hangman boss, and spends most of his time underground in an oven that wants to kill you. There are top level switches you can use to rinse the coolant to cool it down, and then you can go down and damage it. If you’re on a team, you can drop into different areas, so that he causes the AOE to kill you all at once.

Step 5: Get Dead Man’s Tale

Do not freak out if you do not get the gun at the end, you must complete the mission and talk to Zavala for it. Now you can run the search again for random scrolls, and I think more history and other secrets. Not sure if more will be added in time.

This is a guide, but let me say that I love this quest. A scornful ghost ship? Are you joking with me? Fantastic work here by Bungie. I will have more detailed thoughts on that soon.

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