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How to opt out of Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox (FLoC) attempts

Google may have delayed the rollout of Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), which is the company’s alternative to third-party cookies, but some Google Chrome users find themselves part of a trial version of FLoC that comes under the name Privacy Sandbox.

According to some (eg EFF, for example), this new feature increases new privacy risk.

Do you want to opt out of the trial period?

This is how.

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First of all, running Chrome on a Windows / Mac / Linux or Android:

  • Type in Windows / Mac / Linux chrome: // settings / privacy Sandbox enter the address field and press enter.
  • Open the Google Chrome menu on Android, then tap Settings> Privacy & Security> Privacy Sandbox.

There you will see a page about Privacy Sandbox, and there you will also find a switch (you may have to scroll down a bit). If you do not see this setting, you are not part of the trial period.

Turn the switch off and you will be out of the trial.

Note: This feature does not appear to be present in Google Chrome on iOS

If you turn off this feature in a browser, it should disable it on all devices logged in to the same Google Account.

Google has more information about Privacy Sandbox here.

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