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How to keep ads away from your Twitch Prime experience – BGR

Avid Twitch content consumers should know that advisory viewing is coming soon because Amazon wants Twitch and content creators to make more money. It may sound greedy, but it's not a bad plan, given that the creators should be economically motivated to give that content in the first place.

But just because Amazon brings ads to Twitch Prime does not mean you have to see any ads in the future. There are many ways to avoid advertising in the Twitch experience, as long as you are willing to pay for the added benefit.

As Twitch announced on the blog, Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will get free promotions until October 15th. If you have an annual subscription or if you upgrade to one before September 1

4th, you will receive a non-refundable listing until the next renewal date. So you can get up to one year of advisory viewing if you shop fast.

To activate the Twitch Prime account, all you need is an active Amazon Prime subscription, as most people have.

Then it's Twitch Turbo, a subscription of $ 8.99 that gives you free viewing without changing your Amazon Prime subscription.

Finally, there is another way to get advisory viewing, but this is only valid for a single channel. What you need to do is use your monthly subscription token on a channel that has no ad serving.

Everything else that is available to Twitch Prime users will not go away and it includes free games with Prime and free loot for games. You can activate your Twitch Prime subscription after being on Amazon Prime – you can go to a free Amazon Prime trial here.

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