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How To Get Into The Lawsuit Against Apple’s Terrible MacBook Keyboards

A judge in California has certified a class action lawsuit against Apple for the damaged butterfly keyboard design included in the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models manufactured between 201

5 and 2019. The case claims that Apple deliberately sold the fragile keyboards despite many complaints repair requests for broken keyboards that do not respond – and even if you can not join the suit yet, this is something you can do right now to help build the case against the company.

according to MacBook Pro keyboard litigation site, the class action lawsuit covers “all persons who have purchased, except for resale, in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington or Michigan, an Apple MacBook from any 2015-2017 model year, an Apple MacBook Pro from any of the model years 2016-2019 (except 16 [inch] MacBook Pro released in November 2019), or an Apple MacBook Air from some of the model years 2018-2019. ”

The legal team is seeking nationwide certification, which will extend the class application to all U.S. customers who purchased one of the MacBook models listed in the lawsuit. This is good news for MacBook or MacBook Pro owners who are struggling with faulty Butterfly keyboards, but it is important to note that this decision simply means that the lawsuit can go ahead. The judge has not decided anything in any way, nor are there any settlements or solutions yet.

That said, if you have experienced issues with the Butterfly Keyboard, you can submit feedback through a survey on the site. The survey is open to all U.S. customers who have purchased a MacBook or MacBook Pro, even if you are not specifically covered by the class action lawsuit. You can fill out a simple form if you purchased multiple MacBooks or MacBook Pros and do not need to provide proof of purchase (even if the questionnaire asks if you have one).

Remember that completing the investigation does not mean that you are part of the class action lawsuit or represented by Girard Sharp’s lawyers, nor does it qualify for compensation based on the outcome of the lawsuit. However, filling out the form may help strengthen the case against Apple and its defective butterfly keyboard, and help expand the class action to include more customers.

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