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How To Fix Warzone’s Infinite Update Loop On PlayStation & Xbox

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded brought advanced UAVs to Containment Monitor shopping malls, and YouTuber JGOD has thoroughly explained why this new line is better than the triple UAV.

It has been known in Warzone for some time that if you dial in three UAVs at the same time, you will receive an ‘Advanced UAV’ for about forty seconds. However, this does not work as a true advanced UAV, as players with the Ghost benefits will not show up when they are nearby.

As YouTuber JGOD demonstrates, a triple UAV will reveal each player on the map with directional arrows, but as soon as you get within 250 meters of a Ghosted player, they will no longer appear on the map.

JGOD demonstrates advanced uz warzones

The triple UAV is especially useful for knowing the safe areas on the map, or for figuring out how many players are going to high kill games.

With Warzone’s mid-season 2 update, advanced UAVs arrived at the new containment monitoring stations found in bunkers and missile silos. These powerful strips were previously found in locked bunkers along with the Foresight Advantage, but now they can be purchased for $ 12,000 from the upgraded purchasing stations.

After purchasing the Advanced UAV, you can carry it around like a regular killstreak, which already gives it a slight advantage over the triple UAV method.

The course starts at 4:15

The benefits go even further, with JGOD explaining how Advanced UAV “will show every single player on the map, and there is nothing anyone can do to counter it once you have called it.”

Unlike the triple UAV, when you reach within 250 meters of Ghosted players, they will appear as a regular UAV dot. You will not be able to see their direction, but the altitude marker next to the dot will remain and is just as important, if not more so.

It will not take a full squad a long time to save up to $ 12,000 for the stretch, and JGOD recommends saving it until you are around the “8 best” players or teams. The circle will be small enough that the position of all players will be important, and you can plan your position in the final circle accordingly.

Image Credits: Activision / COD Tracker / JGOD

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