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How to finally solve your driving Nintendo Joy-Con on your own

After years of annoying Joy-Con operating issues plaguing Nintendo Switch consoles, it may finally be a permanent solution.

What is Joy-Con operation?

For those who do not know what “Joy-Con operation“Is, consider yourself lucky – inThis is a common problem that most Nintendo Switch owners encounter at some point. After enough use, the tension in the thumb of Joy-Con the stabbing mechanism loosens, and the thumb stick will jiggle a bit and cause accidental input detection – in other words, the cursor, character or menus move around the screen even if you do not touch the controller.

It is a major issue affecting gaming and Nintendo Switch usability in general. Frankly, it has gone beyond irritation over a major flaw that inhibits the otherwise excellent handheld home console hybrid.

Nintendo and users have been trying to find a way to turn operations around. Solutions range from inconvenient (such as sending Joy-Cons to Nintendo to fix, or buying a replacement pair), to potentially harmful (such as using alcohol to clean your thumb) the plug sensor, or open the Joy-Con and replace the thumb stick yourself). But while almost all of these solutions have worked (with varying degrees of success), no one provides a permanent solution. At some point, the thumb plug voltage will loosen and Joy-Con operation will return.

However, a YouTuber named “VK’s Channel” claims to have found a permanent solution – and it’s surprisingly simple.

How To Fix Your Driving Joy-Con

As VK’s channel (which we will refer to as “VK” for simplicity) shows in video below, by applying pressure to the outside of the Joy-Con eliminates the thumb stick operation. So to make sure there is enough pressure at all times, VK opened Joy-Con and left a thin strip of paper behind your thumb. plug sensor. VK says that this immediately solved operation, and that the problem has not yet returned.

It is impossible to confirm whether pushing a piece of paper into Joy-Con is actually a long-term solution for everyone, since it was only recently discovered, but according to the comments on VK and across social media, it seems to work so far .

Is it safe to fix a Joy-Con on your own?

In theory, you fill the small gap between the Joy-Con case at the back of your thumb the stick sensor should be enough to hold the housing in place as long as the paper is the correct size – the paper (or cardboard, cardboard, etc.) only needs to be about 0.5 mm high. Anything bigger does not fit. Tthe paper will not affect anything in the controller if it is positioned correctly and there is no heating or conductive risk to worry about (just remember to turn off Joy-Con first).

What you need to fix Joy-Con operates on its own

I planned to test the solution on a couple of Joy-Cons that I left due to extreme drive problems, but I lack the right tools to get the job done – which provides some important warnings that wrestler owners should be aware of before trying.

To pull off VK’s DIY operation fix, remove four small wood-winged head screws on the back of the Joy-Cons. Most Switch owners probably do not have a wood-winged screwdriver, and if they do, it may not be the right size (a 1.5mm wooden wing will get the job done).

But even if you do has the correct screwdriver, there is a risk of opening Joy-Cons. The first is that it can void the Joy-Cons warranty (or even your console warranty if you use a Switch Lite), which means that if something breaks, you will not be able to submit them to Nintendo’s technical support. Fortunately, the only bits you need to mess with are the four screws; you do not need to touch any other components in the controller except to place a small piece of paper or cardboard behind your thumb pin housing.

Still, even though VK’s paper tricks require zero technical precision, DIY repairs are risky. You may accidentally introduce extra dust into the internal components, and small pieces may break or fall out and get lost. If you are not comfortable risking Joy-Cons’ warranty and ease of use, you can contact Nintendo and get the operation run professionally, or just buy an extra pair instead. But if you are ready to take matters into your own hands, you can provide this solution at home.

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