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How to enable Low Power Mode on iPad and Mac

Apple announced the iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey earlier this week at WWDC 2021, but we’re constantly discovering new features that were not mentioned by the company during the event. This year, iPad and Mac users will finally get a Low Power Mode to save battery life, just like on the iPhone.

Low Power Mode was introduced on the iPhone with iOS 9 as a way to reduce the device’s power consumption to extend battery life. It automatically lowers the brightness of the screen, disables background updates, and turns off any visual effects.

Users can activate this option whenever they want, and the system itself asks the user to turn it on when the battery level is below 20%. With iOS 1

4.0 beta 1 last year, Apple activated Low Power Mode on the iPad for the first time, but then the feature was removed in beta 2 and never came back – until now.

Both iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey provide Low Power Mode for iPad and Mac as an official new feature, so users of these devices will now be able to save some battery life by enabling this option.

Low Power Mode on iPad

To enable Low Power Mode on an iPad model running iPadOS 15, the process is exactly the same as on the iPhone. All you have to do is go to the Settings app, tap the Battery menu and then enable the Low Power option.

You can also add the power switch to the Control Center for easy access or even ask Siri to turn on this option on the iPad. When you turn on the power save mode, the battery level indicator turns yellow instead of white.

Low Power Mode on Mac

The process for activating Low Power Mode on a Mac running macOS Monterey is slightly different than on the iPhone and iPad. First, open the System Preferences app and click the Battery option. Then click the Battery menu in the panel on the right and enable the Low Power option.

Interestingly, on a Mac, you can choose to enable it only when using the MacBook offline or even while connected by going to the Power Adapter menu.

At least in macOS Monterey beta 1, there is no shortcut to enable Low Power Mode on Mac, not even an indicator showing that it is enabled.

iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey are currently available to developers as beta releases, while public beta versions will be available in July. Both updates will be released to all users this fall.

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