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How to do Red Dead 2's most cruel side issue

When you explore Red Dead Redemption 2's wide open world, you will come across many interesting (and slightly disturbing) things. Sometimes it's a sad snake bite that needs help; Other times, it's a scary abandoned building with a story to tell. But there is a set of chances that face more cruel than the rest, and when you first find the first one, you will be looking for a very ruined serial killer.

You'll probably find the first kill scene early in the game. While the other two murders are a bit of a walk from the opening areas, you can find them anytime as long as you can freely move the map. For this guide, we have held a minimum of spot spoils and all screenshots are from an early low-locked storage ̵

1; so no worries if you want to play detective a bit before you really dig into the rest of the game. Of course, this contains spoilers for American Dreams Stranger Mission .

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Step 1: Fills out the map

There are three murder scenes to find, with a piece of map hidden on each. To start Stranger Mission yourself, you must first put the map together again. In general, looking for an area that stands out in a way – you may see blood stains on the road or vultures in the distance. You can also zoom in on the map as you come near, since an X-mark will resemble the body and show you the way.

Murder 1: South of Valentine

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The photo The first murder scene is just outside Valentine. Follow the railroad tracks that go south out of town; You must ride directly on the tracks at some point in order to get over a gap and then you will find your body during the next transition. The front of the stage faces west. You'll find creepy words written in paint on the right, and to the left is the victim's cut head fixed to a support beam. In the mouth is the first of three pieces of cardboard. [19659000] Murder 2: West of Shady Belle

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The second crime scene is found in Scarlett Meadows region, which is a decent trip southeast of Valentine. It is just west of Shady Belle or a little south of Rhodes, depending on your approach. It's easiest to spot Shady Belle; take the road west, go straight at the first fork and continue straight for a while until you reach another big fork. Turn right and go straight until you get to another fork in the road. The body will appear in a big tree on the left; On your map it comes right where "S" in "enger" is. Go around the back of the tree to find the cut head and cardboard.

Murder 3: southwest of Wallace Station

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The final murder offer can be attached to a big rock just southwest of Wallace station in the western Elizabeth region (it is west and a little south of valentine across the river). Cross the stream and you will see the mountain up the hill, probably with vultures on top of it. The head and the last map are on a smaller stone on the left.

Step 2: Location of Killer

When done, the map will give you vague instructions on where to go and what to do when you get there. It shows a bridge of arrows leading into a forest, a forged log cabin, and a code for a combination lock: 6-34-32. As a true criminal fan knows, killers usually kill in areas they know and may live in, which is just as good a place to start as something. (If you'd rather solve the mystery yourself from here, do not keep reading!)

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As it turns out, it ends where everything began: Valentine, or technically southwest of Valentine in a place called Lucky's Cabin. If you get right from the Wallace Station murder site, cross the river and follow the northeast road – this is the direction shown on the map and you turn left just after you cross the bridge to get to the cabin. If you come from Valentine, follow the road way out of town to west.

With the crossed map you can open the keel doors and see the cruelty inside. A white? Icon indicating a stranger mission should appear on the map around the cabin – if not, you can have an active mission you must complete first. After taking a good look around the killer's hideaway (use your lantern if you really want to see all the petty details), the head to the back and inspect the knife. This will trigger a cutscene so all you have to do is follow the instructions.

When you have a hogtied and delivered the killer to the Sheriff office in Valentine, he will attack the Sheriff. Use Dead Eye to kill him and save the Sheriff for a reward that will complete the American Dreams Stranger Mission. Hopefully Arthur is not so scary.

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