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How to attach your favorite albums to Spotify’s new ‘Your Library’ tab

Spotify is overhauling the “Your Library”

; section mobile app with a new layout, better search filters and shortcut options that would make filtering through the ever-growing Spotify collection much less boring.

New library sorting options

The Your Library tab now also consolidates your music collection and podcast subscriptions into a single searchable list. The default view shows the entire music and podcast library at once, but you can also tap to see only albums, playlists, artists, or podcast episodes. As always, you can organize your collection alphabetically (including creator names), by recently played or recently added.

For Premium subscribers, “Downloaded” Swap filters your collection to only content stored on your phone – a useful option when dealing with poor connections or limited data plans. All of these new sorting options appear at the top of the Your Library tab.

A grid view

You can also switch to a new grid layout that uses large thumbnails for artist photos, album art, and podcast logos. It does not completely replace the standard list view, but the larger images make it easier to quickly see an item from your library. Tap the grid icon at the top right of the library tab to toggle the new layout.

Attached shortcuts

Along with the new grid format and expanded sorting options, you can now pin content to the top of your Library tab to access an album or podcast faster. The app allows you to attach up to four playlists, artists, albums or podcast episodes at a time, but you can also attach playlist folders for quick access to multiple playlists. To attach an item to your library, swipe right on the thumbnail and tap “attach”.

All of these new Spotify features will roll out to all iOS and Android users in the coming days. Be sure to check the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for any pending app updates.

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