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How The Verge makes video reviews

Here at The Verge we have been in this video for over seven years – from the first look of new devices to full-bodied, thorough reviews. It's like a parent who not only attended any school event, but also made cupcakes for it. The video frame is everywhere.

Before rolling the cameras, you need something important to say. At The Verge cares about technology and the future and how technology will change our future and how we interact with the world. One way we try to unpack this whole future is with our video reviews. For the last episode of our video series Workflow we dive into our video process.

The time of receipt of the product for export of the final cut may vary from 24 hours to a few days. It is in this time that we find out the story as these devices tell you how to best describe it, and then movies and edits the whole piece. But how do we decide which stories to tell and why do not we do that in 4K? Keep it locked to youtube.com/theverge to find out.

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