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How the Assassin's Creed Odyssey continues to transform the franchise

Based on the two and a half hours spent playing some late game missions, Assassin's Creed Odyssey looks better on all the changes that Assassin's Creed Origins introduced to the tenured franchise. By better implementing game selection across all aspects of the game, whether in the skills you exude in combat or in the dialogue choices you use to answer the game's hundreds of NPCs, Ubisoft makes it easier for you to put a little bit of [19659002] Ubisoft Quebec (Assassin's Creed Syndicate) leads the management of Odyssey. Interestingly, the studio in Ubisoft Montreal shared the ambition to beat Assassin's Creed to an RPG before they even knew that it was where they wanted to go with Origins. Although the team wants to work with Assassin's Creed RPG, it has been an attempt that challenged them for the better in the past three years.

At a recent Gamescom event we were given the opportunity to chat with Odyssey creative director Jonathan Dumont. We have long discussed Ubisoft Quebec's philosophy behind its approach to history and struggle, as well as Dumont's thoughts as to why Assassin's Creed acts as an RPG, why does Odyssey take place so far earlier and what it now means the ten-year-old franchise for him as a creator.

GameSpot: When Origins was first unveiled, one of the biggest changes was battle.

Dumont: Yes, it's interesting because I do not know if we have something we needed. . We wanted you to feel that you are more able to overcome enemies. As you grow the strength of Leonidas spear [your protagonist̵

7;s weapon and a first civ artifact] you want it to be stronger and stronger. You have baseball and so are all we put on top to make it easier to get over other NPCs. We also wanted it to be a choice of players, so we tried to have freedom at the core of everything we added. But in this case, creating your game style, create your class, we thought [it] like "How cool would it be to mix and match skills?" We wanted to let the players say, "I want to do these four things in the game, and that's it. And that's how I want to play the game!"

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We looked at it more from a customization perspective instead of trying to enforce a certain way of playing the game or unlocking things in a particular order. Invest the points where you want them, but map them as you want them and make your own game style. Because Assassin's Creed has been around for over 10 years now and we all play differently. Some people just want to play and others may want to fight so we will make sure that your style of play is the right way for you and that the game lets you play that way.

Was the player creativity and freedom of the core design tenants this time?

Yes, and it also goes with the story and how you play the role of the character. You can pick your character at the start of the game. It's even present when you recruit the ship's crew. So how would you do it your own in Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Attempting to make it feel like what I do as a reflection of me and that the game gives more choices to do so was important to us in our press to make Assassin's Creed a full RPG.

What did the decision for the protagonist have a weapon that really is a piece of Eden?

Then I played all the Assassin Creed games. In most of them you get up with a boss who has a piece of Eden, and I've always been fascinated by it. Why can not we see it from the start of the game? If you want to implement it in a game set in the 16th century, it would be difficult to introduce, but if you go back 2500 years and in a setting where it is [more] tied to the first civilization, it gives more opinion. They are still seen as the gods, so it fits in that setting and the traditional hero of the time, which is usually elevated by some power or chosen by the gods.

I would always see what would happen if you could manipulate [a first civ artifact] and control one through an entire game. It is not usually present in our games, but with Odyssey, I felt like [it’s the] the right time to try something a little bit outside our typical columns.

I heard that both Montreal and Quebec Studios logically came to the conclusion that the RPG genre is where the series should go. How did the epiphany come to the studio? And why do you think RPG is where Assassin's Creed needs to go?

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I think we spent a lot of time creating these big open worlds and we wanted to give more incentives to explore it. We also pride ourselves on creating these credible worlds where you meet historical figures and dive into history, but we still wanted to explore it in a deeper way.

RPG was a no-brainer for us and where we wanted to go with the series, which is fun because the Origins team felt the same way. We looked at what they built and we were pretty much on board so we took their code and decided that we wanted to push ahead were the role playing elements and match match. The RPG genre really opens our franchise to a much deeper and richer experience where you get involved and care more about what's happening than in the past.

Assassin's Creed has always been a historical fiction series that is thoroughly based on true-world timelines, but it's exciting to see how to let players choose how to change the story. Not only that, but you also introduce these surrealistic elements driven by mythology, such as Medusa and Minotaur. How do you balance these inclinations to introducing ghastly aspects while staying within the real limit?

Well, there are two parts to it. Even if we have choices, we do not change the story. Your story changes and some of the conditions you have with some characters will change, but the story follows the course and has the same conclusions you know from real life.

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For what is mythological, these small pockets are out in the world. You do not want to see Medusa go around or something like that. The Greeks appreciated the adventures, but they also feared adventures. The forest was dangerous so there are places you will find myths and legends because that's what they thought was there. In that sense, it is more an interpretation of what they saw. But is it a simulation in a simulation through the first civil artifacts? You can ask: "Do they really see these things?" And some of these things will open up more while playing the game on one or another explanation. We do not answer all the questions, obviously because the questions are interesting and sometimes even more interesting than the answers.

However, as a RPG, we wanted the player to take on bigger things. Mythology was the right choice for us to explore it. As a whole, 99% of the world is landed in reality. You are going to go to see Athens and we did it just as the city was. You are going to go to where Oracle of Delphi was and it looks exactly the place was. But then it's the 1% we dropped into the first rival to let some of these mythological elements come out more. Generally, we do a scenario where a substance gives a sign to see these things, but now we try to make it coexist a little more with the world.

What was this decision that this game would be pushed even further back into the historical historical timeline?

With the introduction of the election, we were looking for a culture that was cultural-rich and exposed many values ​​about chaos and order, which I feel like being the thematic root of Assassin's Creed . We eventually fell to Ancient Greece because they asked questions and tried to find the truth. Everyone is a philosopher. There are conversations, dialogue. We wanted it to be what's going on around the world because we introduce choices in the franchise. If you meet Socrates, you talk to Socrates, you ask questions. You are looking for answers. You try to see what's good, what's bad, what's true, and what's wrong. So it was something we felt that if you were to introduce elections, we needed a setting like Greece to facilitate it.

I know you can not say much, but can you tell us a little about what today's story will look like this time?

It's definitely a continuation of Layla's history and it will develop the story pretty much. You get some character development inside. She will change and take an adventure that goes to places you do not expect, which is an interesting way to look at. Layla was introduced to Origins, but now we dig into what she is looking for.

I do not want to talk too much about it, because when it comes to the day, someone likes it, somebody does & # 39; t. You know how it is.

Jonathan Dumont, Creative Director

I do not want to talk too much about it, because when it comes to the day, someone likes it, some do not. You know how it is. But the way we do it is if you want to dive a little more into it, you can still explore and we have optional dialogue choices that you can choose to ask more questions about what's happening. Or you can choose to get it pretty, but we have a little more action that is also being thrown in to keep it engaging for these types of players as well.

Assassin's Creed has been around for 10 years now. It now has a legacy. So I'm just curious: how do you approach yourself to work with a franchise that's so tenured? And for you as the creator, what does Assassin's Creed mean to you?

Assassin's Creed means something different for everyone and people are interested in it for different things. Someone is interested in more of the mechanics. Someone is interested more in lore. Someone is interested in history. Personally, I like the fact that it allows us to explore some of the history and I like it to allow us to recreate a world that we can not see to see now. So we attach great importance to documenting and building these worlds.

But the coolest thing I'll experience when I make Assassin's Creed is that the series is rebuilt depending on the setting. So, if you want to be true to the setting, you must implement aspects that fit. In the Odyssey case, we have Hoplite warriors, and we will introduce large scale strokes because it is Greece and it is in the midst of the Peloponnese war. Depending on the setting, there are decisions that we need to make about games that depend on the character and setting. I personally love the creative freedom it gives us when we change settings since it allows us to try new things.

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As a creator, it is very interesting because, yes, Assassin's Creed is a running franchise that continues a for a while, and we play games for each other. But the man, they are very different when you look at each one. You go from the French Revolution to Industrial Revolution to Egypt to Greece. It's insane! And that is very interesting in my opinion. And I think that's why it's a franchise that people love because they are carried a new place. And we try to accommodate it and make the series a fun place to discover. So, in my opinion, there are those aspects that interest me the most.

It's really what drives me to make another one. Because you learn a bit as you develop them. You learn while you do it. We are not historians. We like history, but we surround ourselves with specialists. We surround ourselves with people who know more than we do. And in the first year we try to become experts in a field that is not our field. Our field is to make games, telling stories. But really, it's like going back to school every time you start making a new Assassin's Creed, so there's a lot of growth I'll experience during the development process.

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