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How Aloy Will Be Different From Horizon Forbidden West From Zero Dawn

Even though Horizon Forbidden West was delayed until 2022, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn finally has a true release date: February 18th. The delay is not as far into 2022 as some fans might have expected, and with pre-orders scheduled to start on September 1, it’s finally starting to feel real, and fans are back to analyze everything we know about the sequel.

Horizon Forbidden West happens about six months after Zero Dawn, and Aloy has been on a mission all along. Fans got to know Aloy well during Horizon Zero Dawn, but based on the trailers revealed, she̵

7;s clearly not the same machine hunt she was. IN Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy grew from a curious but isolated and inexperienced hunting woman to a mature, powerful and capable leader. IN Horizon Forbidden West, the new features will be even clearer through Aloy’s personality, mission and the new game mechanics.

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Forbidden West’s Aloy is more confident

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Aloy has always been headstrong and determined, not to mention curious, but she’s still a relatively insecure teenager when fans meet her in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is nervous about entering Mother’s heart for the first time and is anxious to be accepted. She also has no idea what lies outside Nora’s Sacred Land, where the most dangerous machine is a Scrapper.

Aloy’s journey in Horizon Zero Dawn made her much more confident and skilled. Her horizons are wider and her experiences are not so limited. Taking on new, huge machines is not as big a surprise as it was originally, and judging by the way she easily manipulates the map in Prohibited vest gameplay trailer, she is much more confident in technology.

Horizon Zero Dawn was built on mystery and there will definitely be more of it in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy is going to unlock new secrets and make discoveries that will still shock her, but now she knows she can handle it. As a well-experienced traveler, Aloy is much better equipped to deal with the challenges that come her way.

Aloy’s Mission is not all about her

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Aloy spends a lot of her time helping other people, but the motivation behind her mission is her desire to learn where she came from. Aloy wants to know the truth about Elisabet Sobeck and why she does not have a mother; if not for these desires, she might never have embarked on the journey in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sylens calls Aloy out for her selfishness in a scene after she discovers the truth about the Faro plague and the ancients. Aloy is frustrated because the history lesson still did not teach her much about herself, but Sylens points out that in the big things system, Aloy’s personal origins are much less important than the massive truths she just discovered.

Rost tries to teach Aloy that she needs to fight for something bigger than herself at the beginning of the game, but it is not until the end that Aloy really understands. Fighting for oneself is nowhere near as valuable as fighting for other people’s interests, and that will be an important factor. Horizon Forbidden West.

Now that Aloy knows the truth about herself and Elisabet Sobeck, she does not withdraw. She still wants to help, but this time it’s not so much about inner motivation. As she says in the revelation trailer, Aloy wants to save the world. Her mission has become much bigger. While her previous motivation helped her become who she is, she is moving forward to become a true hero who puts others first.

Aloy is not so alone in the Forbidden West

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One of the biggest criticisms of Horizon Zero Dawn was where alone Aloy was most of the game. There were not many characters that Aloy had a strong relationship with, and she spent most of the game traveling alone and talking to herself. Based on what is shown in the gameplay demo, it seems that Aloy will have companions more often. IN Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy’s companions were mostly limited to side missions. IN Forbidden West, it seems like some characters will be woven deeper into the main plot.

It may be a little too early to say whether Aloy will have more consistent companions Horizon Forbidden West, but it definitely seems that way. Fans have asked for more meaningful relationships for Aloy, and bringing back characters like Erend is probably a good sign.

Talanah also comes with high probability, as well as Sun King Avad. Talanah was stuck in Hunters’ Lodge side quest and Avad never left his palace in Meridian, but hopefully players will see more of them both in Horizon Forbidden West. Sylens will also make a comeback (although he is not exactly a good companion), and there will probably be some new faces as well.

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Aloy wants many more tricks up his sleeve

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On a more technical side, Aloy has clearly become much more experimental and well-rounded. She also has the tools to show it. This is of course great for gameplay; new tools such as Pullcaster and a holographic glider make traversal elements more exciting, and having combinations available for the spear will deepen melee combat.

The impressive Prohibited vest gameplay trailer at Sony’s State of Play showcased many of the new elements Aloy has at its disposal. She has much more than a bow and arrow and a spear with two attacks. It will go a long way to make the game feel good to play, but it also shows some character growth.

Aloy has expanded beyond what she is comfortable with to add more weapons and tools to her arsenal. Aloy is also better at melee and has become more creative about using the environment to his advantage. It does not even take into account the underwater survey. Playing as Aloy can feel a little different as a result, and the player has to adapt with her.

Aloy has changed a lot since he left Nora Sacred Lands and in Forbidden West, fans will get acquainted with the new and improved Aloy. All that being said, it’s unlikely she’s going to leave Prohibited vest the same as she came in.

Horizon Forbidden West released for PS4 and PS5 February 18, 2022.

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