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Hidden virtual reality mode on the Nintendo switch revealed, but do not be excited yet

Ever since the Nintendo switch was released, fans have asked Nintendo if it will support virtual reality in the future. As it turns out, it can only. (19459013) Drew Angerer Getty Images )

As it turns out, Nintendo Switch supports virtual reality ̵

1; kind of. Since Nintendo announced the console last year, the fans have climbed on any kind of possible VR add-on.

Such a thing seems unnecessary for several reasons, but a new discovery indicates that Nintendo is considering it. A Twitter user who writes homebrew and modding tools for the Switchen recently took Twitter to share their latest search: a "Test VR Mode" option.

Nintendo Switch VR Mode

In the video, you switch to VR mode splitter screen in two, but not with actual games. VR, for uninitiated, is a more dynamic version of 3D, which means that it uses a video output for each eye, which in combination gives depth effects. There are third party devices that can turn phones into VR headphones, but some of them are unmanageable and easy to use. Given the big dimensions of the switch, it's difficult to imagine how it would be integrated into a VR headset.

It is clear that Nintendo is content with the idea, and maybe it has been done for about a year now. In 2017, a Twitter user code lines added to the system via the 3.0.0 update. There were two separate lines that got interest in Switch fans: 50 and 51, which showed an option to enable VR mode. However, it was not enabled, and Nintendo does not seem to have changed on this specific part of the code since then.

Why the Nintendo Switch Does not Want VR

So Will Switching fans finally see a VR mode on Nintendo's hybrid console? Possibly, but Nintendo has made it clear that it has no intentions to experiment with VR, at least in conjunction with Switch. Although it is quite possible, the company is working with something related to VR, it may be for another device ever since the switch is primarily a handheld game console and was not made with VR in mind. The screen's resolution is not even up to snus. The switch's 720p screen just does not cut it since VR calls for higher resolution for optimum experience.

There is still a chance Nintendo working on VR

That said, nothing is impossible. If Nintendo is doing well, it maximizes consoles and peripherals to deliver unique gaming experiences that other companies would never have thought about. Labo, a series of cardboard accessories that work with the Switch's infrared capabilities, is a testament to how genius Nintendo is when it comes to thinking of absurd but good playing styles. Maybe it does something interesting with VR, maybe not. However, time will tell.

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