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Here are Fortnite v5.30 Patch Notes

  Fortnite 5.30 Patch Notes

A new patch for Fortnite has been officially released and causes the challenges in season 5, week 7 to be pushed to Friday. This update introduces a new item called Rift-To-Go, which allows players to call a Rift anywhere on the map. Not only is this a great tool to quickly get to the circle, but it can be used to effectively flank enemies. While Port-A-Fort is rarely used, we expect this item to be a must – especially in squads.

There is also a new Limited Time Mode called Score Royale being introduced. This is a point-based game mode, where the team with the best score at the end of a match wins. Points are earned in many different ways, such as finding coins, open chests, or winning matches.

In addition, the Pump Shotgun time when switching to it has been reduced to 0.88 seconds. There have also been a number of smaller weapons balances, none of which are very drastic. Traps have also become a bit tweaked so they do not properly damage enemies when triggered.

Here are the full v5.30 Patch Notes for Fortnite :

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