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Here are 5 things you can do in Super Nintendo World in Japan

  • Super Nintendo World recently opened at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.
  • The opening comes after eight months of delays due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Insider rounded up five things visitors can do in the theme park.
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The Super Nintendo World theme park recently opened at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, after several months of delays.

The park was originally scheduled to open last summer before the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but this timeline was disrupted by the pandemic. It then set an opening date in February, but this was also postponed after Osaka declared a state of emergency due to high hospital admissions from COVID-1


In the days since the opening, visitors have immersed themselves in the park’s many attractions while wearing red Mario hats and other Nintendo-themed outfits, CNN reported. The pent-up excitement for visitors was the latest sign that people are itching to get back to normal and enjoy fun days out, as mass vaccine development continues around the world.

Visits will not be a completely carefree experience, as there are many safety protocols in place in the park. These include mandatory masks, temperature controls, social distancing measures, signs urging riders to refrain from screaming, and readily available hand sanitizer.

Read on for five things you can do at Super Nintendo World

1. Compete in a Mario Kart race

Running around a Mario Kart circuit is probably one of the most prominent activities. Using AR headsets, visitors can experience a race in five minutes. They can also see projections of other characters and collect virtual coins.

2. Run Yoshi

Visitors can hop on a Yoshi-themed tour while searching for Captain Toad during a treasure hunt. The calm pace is good for children and families who want to relax and enjoy the strange and wonderful landscape.

3. Buy a boot strap

Power-Up Bands are matching bracelets, coins and digital stamps. The devices can also be synchronized with a smartphone device.

4. Punch giant question blocks

The recreation of questions and notes from the Mario series will probably satisfy deaf fans. Visitors can jump and beat the blocks to their heart’s content.

5. Chow down on game-based snacks

Among the weird eateries are Kinopio’s Cafe, Pit Stop Popcorn and Yoshi’s Snack Island. The foods are as strong as you might imagine, and include such delicacies as mushroom-flavored popcorn, tiramisu question blocks and coop-shaped calzones.

The launch of the park comes after a downturn in the theme park industry. Although Super Nintendo World is only open to those living in Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Mario series, said he hopes the whole world will come and visit it when the pandemic is over, The New York Times reported.

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