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Hedensk Online is a Diablo-like dungeon trunk for the MOBA generation

One of the biggest tricks Blizzard ever drawn with Diablo convinced us that the dungeon crawler is a saturated genre. The term evokes an isometric perspective, looking down on shady netherworlds illuminated by a relentless stream of neon spells, all sprinkled with lots of thousands of fallen enemies. But look a little closer to this picture and you'll probably realize that you're staring at Diablo.

Blizzard's game has been synonymous with the ARPG jailbreak for 20 odd years now. Mad Head Games, the developer behind Pagan Online, understands this hierarchy and therefore does not try to hide its reverence for the game at the top. But by introducing Slavic influences and rapid pacing, this team also seeks to create its own identity in our collective vision of this genre.

Pagan Online's Global History throws you and up to three other players in a crossover universe starring from various pre-Christian mythologies, who you fight for and against. It's far from a linear story, and publishing director Yaropolk Rash, Mad Head Games, described it as "a series of experiences like Star Trek, where everything goes from one situation to another with each new battle chapter."

It is a world that blends the high imagination of dragons, mages and incredible legions of ghouls with the relatively unknown world ̵

1; in least games – of Slavic mythology. You will meet arcane gods such as Veles, the god of the underworld, and more marerite entities like Triglav – a three-led Slavic god. It will bring the gods even farther away, such as the Aztec worship service Macuiltochtli. What is good with this pre-Christian deliberate theme is that it is a deep well to attach to, making it perfect for a long-term service game, like the plan for pagan online.

 Pagan Online

Confidence in this area comes from the fact that Wargaming acts as a publisher and it means bringing over the skills of many years running service game giant World of Tanks. But do not let this fool you: Hedensk Online will be a first class game, but from what we know so far, it will be served more by Battle Chapters, which are packed with new stories and dungeons that will be released quarterly.

The clean, comic-like bone of skeletons looks fun to send itch to the ground.

Hedenske Online is right on hack and slash dungeonization. The basic game has a throw of six characters, each of which ends in turn – through experience and grade upgrades – has seven skills allocated for cooling hours. Outcomes emphasize that paganism online "does not fit normal D & D classes", and while you can play as a marinated barbarian berserker or sword and palace, there are also more unusual alternatives.

One of these is a beastmaster type whose special ability allows you to switch between controlling him and his pet bear. There will also be a bard who cheats his usual support solo to make his hands dirty. It is unconfirmed whether this involves destroying your mandolin over the enemies' heads as a mythological backyard breaker, but we can hope.

 Pagan Online

These characters can be customized with elements that imbue their attacks with elements like fire, thunder and water, all of which have their respective rock-paper-scissors interactions. It's a bit like calling this a break from existing ARPG formulas that Rash suggests to me, but the point is that it allows you to create varied iterations of the same character, tailored to the unique enemy types and bosses waiting for you in each arena [19659012] <img src = "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Pagan_Online_Gameplay_Reveal_Screenshots_3.jpg" alt = "By the gods

hedenske Online's colorful dungeons will be discarded of chiefs against all kinds of pre-Christian gods, everything from Slavic myths to the Meso-American Aztecs gods. If the success of the new god of war taught us something, it is mythological reinterpretations are a lot of fun.

Something that jumped on me more was co -top combo system that will allow you and your companions to synchronize and deliver special three and four-step chain attacks that require a certain amount of players to perform. You will need these features to complete specific meetings in the game and offer an extra layer with said march on top of the custom combinations that dedicated players will discover and find when they play.

It is a question that comes from this required online co-op game. To answer it: Yes, you need an Internet connection to play Hedensk Online. Rash tells me that this is how things stand "for now." Mad Head will listen to players after the release, and are prepared to make revisions to a game that is by far the studio's biggest project to date. Again, Wargam's presence as supervisor should help to control the game in the right direction.

 Pagan Online

Pagan Online multiplayer modes will be led by the classic dungeon race where you await you through hordes of imaginative enemies – including skeletons whose pure cartoon comic looks particularly fun to send the time to the ground with the paladin hammer. At the end of each race, if you do it so far, you will meet you against one of the gods. Or, if you want to keep things simple, you can jump into survival or final style mode, or a number of others that the game's arenas are designed to accommodate. Most importantly, while many of the ranks are built around multiplayer, you always have the opportunity to go alone, with the game scaling its difficulty accordingly.

By cutting out RPG-busy work as a mall and NPC chit chat, providing tight, time-limited levels that are ideal for fast sessions, Pagan Online can best be described as an ARPG for the MOBA generation. With the Diablo series, it instantly digs its hooker in the free-to-play market, perhaps now the perfect time for a proper Premium Dungeon crawler to PC to make an impression.

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