Well done! You have the new Xbox One and have officially won the holiday.

Now comes the real funny part: Get it set up right. Whether you bought an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X, we're here to make sure you make the most of the brand new system right out of the box.

Although things were more complicated in the past, with the growth of WiFi and HDMI for TV – a single cable that transfers digital audio and video from the console to the screen – things have become much easier. Let us begin. [19659007] "Basics"

Except for 4K, the installation process for both the Xbox One S and One X is almost identical and both systems come with what you need in the box, including a controller, batteries and HDMI and power cables.

Unlike the PS4, Microsoft actually has two HDMI ports on the back of the systems, one to go out on the TV and one to connect to the cable or satellite box if you want to make the Xbox hub your TV. For this guide, we will focus on setting up only the Xbox part.

Connect the power cable to the Xbox and the included HDMI device in the HDMI port labeled "To TV" with the other ends on their respective sides. Make sure the Xbox is not in a closed cabinet or with other devices on top of what will block the fans.

Put the batteries in the controller and press the "Xbox" button in the middle to turn it on. It should already be synchronized with the new console. If it is not synchronized, hold down the small dot over the "Xbox" button and a similar small button under the Xbox lamp on the console. Both white lights should blink quickly before sinking into the same rhythm that will symbolize being paired. (This is also how you can add more controls in the future).

The wireless controller is also where you can connect headphones or a headset to chat online.

When the controller is set up and the console is connected and turned on, follow the on-screen instructions for language and date and time. You will then be asked to connect the console to the Internet, either over WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection. Ethernet is often more reliable and faster than WiFi, and if your Xbox is near the router or an Ethernet port on the wall, we recommend using it to connect to the Internet.

If you connect to WiFi, you need to enter your WiFi password. The left joystick or directional plate will allow you to move the cursor while the "A" button selects.

Once connected, you will probably be prompted to install a software update. Do it, open some more gifts and then we continue.

Configuring Xbox Live

To play games online, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A free trial is often included as a redeemable code with the new console, but Microsoft also sells it in its Xbox online store during membership (not to mention traditional retailers). One year's subscription runs $ 59.99 on a regular basis, but it has some benefits like online store discounts, as well as a few free Microsoft selections each month.

Microsoft needs you to log in to your Microsoft account. If you have one (like an email address for Outlook.com or Hotmail.com or an account with Skype or Windows), you can sign in to that account here. If not, you can create a new one.

You also need to create a gamertag or screen name that identifies you when you play online. One will be randomly assigned to start if you create a new account, but we will change it soon.

Continue to go through the setup as requested.

Allow the Xbox to control your TV

Now that the first setup is complete, it is time to turn it on and adjust a few features.

Both the Xbox One S and One X have an IR blaster built-in to let you control your TV so you can turn on your TV when you turn on the Xbox.

Press the "Xbox" button on the controller. Move to "Settings" equipment by pressing "RB" and selecting "Settings." Go down to the section labeled "TV & OneGuide" and select "Device Control." Click "TV" followed by "TV Setup."

Depending on the model, the Xbox can automatically record the type of TV and know how to control it. If not, you can search for the tag manually, which will walk you through the setup.

Once you have added, press "B" to return to the "Device Control" screen and select "Device Power Options". Make sure when the TV is turned on, the TV is turned on and when the Xbox is turned off, the TV is turned off. (If you use your TV for other inputs, you may want to leave the latter for "nothing" instead of off).

Changing gamertag

You can change the gamertag in several ways. If Microsoft assigned you one during the setup, as described above, you can change the gamertag once for free.

While you can do this directly from the Xbox, it can be easier to open up account.xbox.com on a phone or computer, sign in with your Microsoft account you just created. Go to "change the gamertag" and see to see if your new online name is available. If it is, click "call it" and you are done.

Reminder: You can always change the gamertag again later, but Microsoft will charge you.

Enable HDR and 4K

If you have a new or recent TV, the Xbox should detect that it automatically supports 4K and HDR during setup. If it doesn't, here's how to make sure it's enabled. Both One X and One S support HDR games, while One X lets games play in 4K as well (One S can stream Netflix and other videos in 4K, but can't play games at that resolution).

Go to "Screen and Sound" in Settings. Under "screen", make sure the resolution is set to "4K UHD." Then check the boxes for HDR and 4K under "advanced TV settings".

Note: Some TVs need you to enter the picture settings to enable HDR. This is sometimes referred to as HDMI UHD color (on Samsung TVs), HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color (on LG TVs) or that the TV input is set to HDMI 2.0 (on Roku TVs). When in doubt, a quick search on how to enable HDR on your TV should help get things set up quickly.

Download games and applications

Congratulations! We're almost done. Now that you've got the basic setup complete, it's time to download apps and games.

You can do this directly from the store. You can get to the store from the Home screen by navigating directly to it or by pressing the "Xbox" button on the controller and navigating down to the "Store" icon under "Home".

The store is where you should be able to redeem codes (under the "use a code" section) for the games that came with the system, download apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO, and search for other games like "Fortnite" .

Reminder: To play "Fortnite" or other games online, you need an Xbox Live subscription.

Tip: Microsoft makes Xbox applications for Windows, iOS and Android. If you do not want to enter codes using the Xbox, you can type them here and download them to your Xbox by going to the My Games and Apps section from the Home screen or the controller.

While the games in your bundle are likely codes, you can buy games as physical discs from a regular dealer. Both formats will work with Xbox One, and both will require you to download the game to your Xbox before you can play, so when it comes to future games, join what gets you better deal.

Go games!

That's what you are now ready and ready to play. Enjoy the new Xbox.

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