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Halo Infinite Private Beta apparently soon, 343 confirm flight information this week

The release of Halo Infinite is getting closer and closer, and it looks like the game’s first round of closed beta testing (referred to as “flighting” by Microsoft) will start immediately, possibly as soon as this month. Apparently, various streamers and content creators, including Dealer and Colt Eastwood, have received emails telling them to prepare to fly soon.

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343 Social Democrat John Junyszek then stepped in to clarify that while beta invitations are not yet out, this month’s Inside Infinite post will include flight information …

Will the next Insider Infinite include a “flight begins … today” announcement? I will not be surprised, but in any case it does not look like we will wait long. Want to get Halo Infinite multiplayer early? All you have to do is sign up to become a Halo Insider and then hope for an invitation. And hey, even if you do not get in, you will probably still be able to check out a lot of Halo Infinite action, as it sounds like there will be no restrictions on sharing details, video and screenshots of the beta.

For those who have not followed, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play, with a focus on classic games with a few important evolutions and a focus on player customization. Here is an overview of some of the features you can expect:


In addition to returning favorites and brand new weapons, Halo Infinite’s sandbox is characterized by the addition of Halo 3-esque equipment – game-changing abilities with limited use that players will take on during a battle. Threat Sensor is a support unit with a power range that periodically pulsates and illuminates enemy players within its radius, while the aptly named Repulsor can be used to deflect projectiles and anything else that gets in the way. Whether it’s zipping across a map to reach the heights using a Grappleshot or digging into your defense with a Drop Wall, equipment provides new strategic and tactical alternatives to Halo Infinite’s frenetic multiplayer combat.


Vehicles have always been a central part of Halo’s sandbox, and Infinite will feature a selection of tried and true UNSC classics as well as Exiled-inspired favorites – many of which now support customization. UNSC’s garage is well equipped from penalty driving in a Banshee to four-team whim in the new Razorback to satisfying splatter by Chopper.


The core of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offering is the Arena, which in turn pits two teams of four Spartans against each other in a series of new and return modes. Halo’s Arena has and continues to be defined by fair start and teams that work closely to control key areas on a map while using the sandbox in the most efficient way. Cleansing also remains a key component – players will strategically work together to obtain freshly baked weapons from a stand or take down an opponent to loot their equipment and use it against them. Remember your academy training, jump into battle, and rejoice in the recognition of legendary multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer.

Great team match

When Halo Infinite releases this holiday, it will also usher in the long-awaited return to Big Team Battle. This classic series is back, but bigger and better than ever, and supports 24 players on large vehicle-friendly maps that drain the entire sandbox. BTB is the epitome of the Halo experience and the ultimate spartan battle fantasy with pelicans swinging in to distribute new cars, weapons orders falling from the sky, and tactical updates from Commander Laurette. Big Team Battle is the wild, furious and fun social experience that gives everything up to 11, and we will share more details later this summer.

Crossplay, Splitscreen, 120fsp and more

In addition to playlists with ranked and social matchmaking, players will also experience seasonal events for a limited period with special rewards on the line. Console and PC players will play together via crossplay while support for cross-progression means you can move freely from one platform to another and continue working on your Spartan journey. Xbox Series X owners will also enjoy up to 120FPS on supported hardware, and PC gamers will have a wide range of configurable settings that range from frame to graphics to key bindings and more. Of course, online is not the only way to enjoy multiplayer – Halo Infinite will also support splitscreen on Xbox and LAN games via a local PC server.

The F2P Halo Infinite MP package will be launched along with the core single-player game on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S sometime this holiday season. Any Halo Insiders out there who are itching to jump into the beta? Infinite Insider posts usually fall on the last Thursday of the month, so keep an eye out for next week!

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